GMAT Question of the Day (January 18)

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Math Of 200 surveyed students, 20% of those who read book also read book and 25% of those who read book also read book . If each student read at least one of the books,...

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The Truth about Round 3

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If you’re wondering where the last 5 months went, how they flew by in a blur, you’re not alone! If the first two, and in some cases three, application deadlines for the top MBA programs somehow got away from you, you’re also not alone!  And now...

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7 Steps To Take Before Applying in 2017–2018

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Why am I writing about next year’s MBA application cycle when we are only at the end of the second round of this season? Because each year, the application cycle seems to begin earlier and earlier. We have only about 150 days until the schools...

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Getting Ready for an MBA in 2017: Leadership and Community Involvement

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So…it’s a new year and you are likely setting goals. If one of your goals for 2017 is to apply to business school, NOW is the time to build out your leadership profile! While giving blood, participating in charity runs and making financial contributions to...

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Upcoming Video Interview? Add Lots of Practice to Your “To Do” List

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If you have an upcoming video interview for schools including INSEAD, Yale SOM, Michigan Ross or Wharton, PRACTICE is essential to success. This awkward format requires you to think on your feet and record your answer to a question (or questions) while speaking into your...

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GMAC Survey Predicts Robust Job Market for MBA Grads

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One of the strongest indicators of a healthy post-MBA job market can be found within the annual Year-End Poll of Employers, a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) near the end of each year. Hiring of b-school talent remains a priority in employers’...

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Selling Your MBA Elevator Pitch to the Admissions Committee

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Use your interview or personal statement to sell the admissions committee on your candidacy. Imagine that you are standing in the lobby of a large building. You’ve just pushed the button to go up to the 10th floor for an appointment you have in a few...

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GMAT Verbal | Grammar Myths in GMAT Prep

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Being a native English speaker has great benefits when it comes to taking the GMAT, but one of our biggest blind spots is our tendency to rely on grammar mythology that has been passed down to us over time. Here are five common grammar misconceptions...

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The questions you should expect to hear in MBA interviews from Kellogg, Wharton, MIT, and Columbia (and how to answer them!)

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions MBA interviews can be challenging to prepare for. After all, an interview is always a dynamic experience – there are a hundred elements that can affect the way an interview progresses, from the specifics of the applicants’ background and resume to how...

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GMAT Question of the Day (January 17)

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Math If is a positive integer, what is the units digit of ? (1) is divisible by 4 (2) is an odd integer Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer -  D - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Verbal Studies...

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