HBS Gets $12 Million Toward Scholarships for First-Generation Students

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Consulting%%www.expartus.com%% Two graduates of Harvard Business School’s MBA class of 1992, Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine, have donated $12.5 million to the school, the largest donation toward scholarship aid in HBS history. Out of the $12.5 million, $10 million will go to the Lavine Family...

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GMAT Question of the Day (September 22)

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Math If and are positive integers, is the integer divisible by 9 ?   (1) is divisible by 3 (2) is not divisible by 9 Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - A - (click and drag your...

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Round 1 Interview Update from HBS Admissions

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For those of you on pins and needles since submitting your application to Harvard Business School a few weeks ago, Chad Losee, director of MBA admissions and financial aid, has some good news regarding interview notifications: it won’t be long now. In his latest update to...

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The “Final Exam” Question of B-School Interviews

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Consulting%%www.expartus.com%% One of the last questions you’ll get asked in business school interviews is also one of the most important: what questions do you have for us? It’s tempting not to take this question too seriously. It feels like a softball. Just because it’s the...

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GMAT Question of the Day (September 21)

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Math If points , , and lie on a circle of radius 1, what is the area of triangle ?   (1) (2) equals 30 degrees Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - C - (click and drag...

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Math Revolution Daily Quiz

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Math is all about "habit". Did you know that rather than studying intensely in a short period of time, spending a certain amount of time each day to study is much more effective to improve math skills? Receive "Up-To-Date" 5 math questions and solutions everyday through e-mail...

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Michigan Ross School Receives Another Major Gift from its Namesake

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The University of Michigan’s Stephen M Ross School of Business has $50 million new reasons to celebrate with today’s announcement that real estate developer and namesake alumnus Stephen Ross will make yet another major contribution to the school. The $50 million pledge brings the philanthropist’s...

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Entrepreneur to MBA – 7 Tips for Success

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If you are running or working in a start-up you may often wonder if business school is right for you. While no one knows exactly what is going to fit into your life, here are a few things to think about as you consider whether...

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MBAnalysis: 6 Things that Stop the MBA Admissions Clock

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If you are reading this article you are probably bleary eyed, as the last minutes to submission deadlines are upon you. For some of you this may mean the light at the end of the tunnel, while for others it may mean a train is...

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October Tips to Get Ready for MBA Round 2 Submissions

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As many aspiring MBA students are wrapping up Round 1 applications or anxiously awaiting a coveted interview invite, perhaps you haven’t even started yet! Don’t worry. If you use your time wisely, you can have several applications complete and ready to submit before Christmas. Here’s...

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