The Bigger Picture: Show Up

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During my second year of business school, I launched my first company, an online registry that was acquired and is now part of The Knot. It was during this time that I first leveraged much of my new b-school knowledge, and also gained insights that...

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GMAT Question of the Day (September 5)

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Math Jane is 5 years younger than George. George is 2 years older than Alice. If the aggregate age of Jane, George, and Alice is 68 years, how old is Jane? A. 20 B. 22 C. 23 D. 25 E. 28 Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - A - (click and drag your mouse...

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Benefits — and excuses — abound when MBA applicants consider campus visits

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“It’s too far to travel. I’m too busy at work. I don’t know what I’d do there. I’ve heard it’s not necessary.” There’s a long list of excuses available to MBA applicants when it comes to the topic of campus visits. In our experience advising nearly...

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Math Revolution’s incomparable 700+ Level Questions! Practice and be confident in getting Q51.

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How is our 700+ Level questions different from the questions of other preps? It consists of ​"​up-to-date questions​"​ that appear most frequently on the exam. Through DS​ and ​ PS categories​ and their sub-categories by chapter​, you can solve the parts where you need practice or you...

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The NEET Stalemate – a balanced proposal based on Math for the way forward.

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-Karthik Palaniappan I write this article at a time when several of us are mourning the untimely passing of S. Anitha. Anitha, just 17 years old, was born in an environment typically not associated with privilege or advantage. She cherished dreams of becoming a doctor and...

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Mind the Word Count, Make the Most of Your MBA Essays

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Essay-writing is a funny thing. Before you dive into your MBA applications, 400 or 500 words can seem like the equivalent of a doorstop-size Russian novel. But once you really get going on your first drafts, you quickly realize just how little space you have...

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MIT Sloan Fellows Essay Tips & Deadlines

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In my decade-plus of experience assisting MIT Sloan Fellows applicants (successes every year), I have seen that the adcom values applicants who, among other things, demonstrate consistent, outstanding impact and are on track to become leaders in their company and even industry (“high performing” per...

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Sallie Mae: Student Loans with Options and Flexibility [Episode 222]

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How are you going to pay for grad school if you don’t get a scholarship? Loans. Let’s learn about Sallie Mae’s student loan options. Our guest today is Charles Rocha, EVP and CMO of Sallie Mae. Charlie had over 20 years of experience at Bank of...

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7 Tips For MBA Applicants From Family Businesses

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You work for the family business and are applying for an MBA. Will this background be a net plus for you, or a minus? How can you make the most of this experience? Whether you work for your family’s tiny startup with headquarters in your home’s...

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GMAT Question of the Day (September 4)

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Math If and are positive integers, is an even integer?   (1) is an even integer (2) is an even integer Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - B - (click and drag your mouse to see the...

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