MBA Admit Weekend Tips

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Are you an MBA candidate who has received multiple offers of admission to business school this season? If so, you’re probably weighing where to spend the next two years of your life—not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s where the MBA admit weekend...

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The Power of Giving Thanks in the MBA Admission Process

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I still have the thank you note from the first student I admitted to Penn in 1990 (pictured here). It means a lot to me. Then, because it allowed me to see that I was someone that students could trust. And now, because it reminds...

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Mitigating a Red Flag in the MBA Application

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Nobody likes drawing attention to their past mistakes, academic or otherwise. But when applying for a seat at a competitive business school,  not addressing an apparent red flag does more harm than good. Being upfront about your foibles can go a long way toward minimizing...

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The Secret to Mitigating Low Stats in Your MBA Application

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As you approach your MBA applications, it’s natural to feel nervous about all the competition, especially for top programs. If your stats aren’t the best, you may think you have no chance of snagging that acceptance letter.  But what if there were ways to mitigate those...

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Encore: Application Trends to Watch in 2021, and a Look Back at 2020 [Episode 411]

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Thanks for joining me for the 411th episode of Admissions Straight Talk. I am taking a week off for family time this week. As a result I decided to air an encore of our most popular podcast so far in 2021. It actually is a solo...

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5 Reasons You Should Get a College Internship

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You’ve just finished up your freshman year of college, and you’re looking forward to a break from all things school-related for a bit. While you’ve certainly earned some time off, you could be missing out an opportunity that could pay off in big ways down...

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If You’re Starting Business School in 2021, Read On

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If you’ll be starting business school this fall, congratulations! It may seem like years ago that you first began work on your applications, or you might feel like the whole process flew by. Either way, you now have just a few months left before you...

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US News Releases 2022 MBA Ranking

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions US News has released its newest ranking of full-time MBA programs, with Stanford Graduate School of Business beating out the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School for the number one spot after the two tied last year. This year’s top ten B-schools, according to...

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Personal MBA Coach’s Take on the 2022 US News MBA Rankings

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With the recent release of the 2022 US News MBA rankings, Personal MBA Coach would like to share our thoughts on this latest list.

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B-Schooled Podcast Episode #49: 12 To Do’s for MBA Admits, Part 2 of 2

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This week on B-Schooled, we wrap up our two-episode series covering 12 important things that new MBA admits should take care of as soon as possible before they head to campus. We’ll cover the final six to-dos in this week’s episode, including budgeting for your MBA,...

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