Ingredients of a Great MBA Letter of Recommendation

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“Ingredients of a Great MBA Letter of Recommendation” is excerpted from MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools, by Linda Abraham and Judy Gruen. You may view the job of gathering strong Letters of Recommendation (LORs) as an annoying chore, or...

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Are Your MBA Goals Complimentary?

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Almost every MBA application devotes at least one essay to your goals. That’s the point of an MBA, right? To help you get where you’re trying to go? Because of this, knowing your goals (and having good ones!) is one of the most important aspects...

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Question of the Day (October 16)

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Quant Certain rectangle has the length of centimeters and the width of centimeters, where and are integers and . If the area of the rectangle is 36 square centimeters, then how many...

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“Quantifying” Your Humanities Degree for an MBA

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The world of business is often about numbers, and MBA admissions essays aren’t so different. In your essays, you’re often pushed to quantify your claims when at all possible by using comparative statistics such as revenue growth before and after your innovation was implemented, percent decrease...

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How to Understand the Relationship Between CoA and Visa Applications

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You may have heard that you shouldn't worry about financing until you get accepted. And, to some extent that’s true; the first hurdle is achieving that admit. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the financing side of the admissions process - you’ll need to face...

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EMBA-Global Application Essay Tips & Deadlines

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The Global EMBA has 2 program options: EMBA-Global Americas & Europe which combines the strengths of Columbia University and London Business School; and EMBA-Global Asia, with Columbia University, London Business School, and Hong Kong University Business School. Of course, all EMBA applications are in part about...

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Yale SOM Scholarship for First-Generation College Students

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By some estimates, first-generation college students make up 30% of entering freshman classes. This sector of the population, being the first in their families to attend university, typically encounters significant financial constraints. In fact, economic challenges often dictate where a first-generation college student ultimately studies,...

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Question of the Day (October 15)

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Verbal In the nation of Pelmenia, 20% of 18-year-olds are left-handed, while just 10% of 45-year-olds and 2% of 70-year-olds are left-handed. But the percentage of children born left-handed has never changed in Pelmenia, nor have societal attitudes toward left-handedness. Which of the following, if true, most...

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4 Ways to Display Teamwork in Application Essays

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Teamwork, and its close cousin, leadership, are highly prized by graduate programs and universities. Haven’t worked in teams on any regular basis? Don’t worry! There are more ways than you may realize to prove your chops in this area. Consider the following 4 options: Remember: No...

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Walk Me Through Your Resume [MBA Interview Questions Series]

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This blog post is the first in a series of articles analyzing some of the most popular MBA interview questions and how to best respond to them. In this post, we'll address "Walk Me Through Your Resume": Reason for asking the question: This question (or some version of...

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