Reminder: Free MBA Career-Changers Webinar Tomorrow!

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Attention all career-changers: Tomorrow Linda Abraham, founder and president, will present an informative webinar that will guide individuals attempting to use the MBA to change career paths through the b-school application process. The webinar, MBA Catalyst for Career Change, will cover must-know material including the...

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MBA Admissions News Round Up

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Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be joining the Stanford GSB faculty next month as co-director of the school's Center for Global Business and the Economy, reports a Businessweek blog post last week. The center "aims to be the leader in developing and disseminating...

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Free Webinar for Career Changers Applying to B-School

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Are you considering changing careers? Does your dream job require certain skills and experiences that only an MBA will provide for you? Sign up for Accepted's upcoming webinar, MBA Catalyst for Career Change, to get the advice you need to apply to b-school successfully as a...

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Med School and MBA Admissions News Roundup

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Here's what's been going on in the world of MBA and medical school admissions news: An Israeli news source ( reports that top b-schools in the U.S. have begun recruiting seriously in Israel. This year, more than 150 Israeli students will attend MBA programs in the...

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Wharton Blends Admissions and Career Services Offices

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The decision to attend b-school and the concern over post-graduation job prospects have never been as closely intertwined as they are today. That's why University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School has chosen to link the admissions and career services departments, an unprecedented decision that will likely...

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MBA Applicants: What McKinsey (and HBS) Wants

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They were looking for four things. I didn’t know until I’d made it to the third and last round of interviews, but McKinsey and Company, the strategy consulting firm perennially ranked among the top “dream” employers of MBA students, was looking for four specific qualities...

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GMAC Reports Steady Value of MBA through “Great Recession”

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MBAs who earned their degrees during the first decade of the 21st century have fared quite well, despite the dot-com bust and the "Great Recession," reports a Graduate Management News article. The following data was gathered from GMAC's semi-annual Alumni Perspectives Survey: Of the 3,387 business graduates...

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Money Talks: A College and MBA Admissions News Round Up

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Here's what's going on in the world of college and MBA Many b-school students will be returning to class this fall without having had the rosy summer internship experience they had expected—that is, if they were lucky enough to land an internship at all. The...

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Dipak Jain hits the INSEAD rumor mill

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Word has it that Dipak Jain, former dean of Kellogg, is tipped to become the next dean of INSEAD. According to a recent Financial Times article, Dipak Jain is the front-runner for the position and is awaiting approval from the INSEAD board and faculty from...

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Chicago Booth 2011 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips.

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This Chicago Booth 2011 MBA Application tip post is one of a series of posts providing MBA application and essay advice for applicants to top MBA programs around the world. You can access the entire series at My tips for answering Chicago's essay questions...

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