More MBA Job Optimism on the Horizon

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Last week BusinessWeek published an article about the increase in post-MBA career opportunities. This time the job market focus is on Europe. At top business schools around Europe recruiting rates are up, and more and more MBA grads are landing jobs faster than graduates from the...

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B-School Students See Light at the End of the Job Market Tunnel

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Current MBA students and graduates are experiencing a totally different job market than they did last year, reports the New York Times in an article entitled "Job Market Stabilizes for Business Students." While last year students and graduates scrambled for internships and full time positions,...

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That’s Right…It’s Round Up Time!

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It's been a busy week in the world of MBA and college admissions. Check out some of this week's highlights with an exciting round up! A recent survey conducted by Public Agenda shows that high school guidance counselors are not quite as effective at helping...

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How MBAs Really Help CEOs

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According to an INSEAD study an MBA really does add value to a CEO. A recent BusinessWeek article explains how. The MBA debate has been going on for years: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn't even finish college; so is an MBA really necessary? Additionally, MBA...

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Good News for MBAs: Job Opportunities Abound!

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While students are still worried about landing post-graduate jobs in the tight job market, career service directors predict that 2010 may be "the year of the [MBA job market] turnaround," reports BusinessWeek last week. Some of these encouraging signs include an increase of full-time MBA...

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EMBAs Express Satisfaction

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The EMBA Council conducted a survey, which shows that 97% of Executive MBA graduates thought that their EMBA programs reached or exceeded their expectations and improved their careers, reports the Financial Times in "EMBAs deliver real benefits.” The survey was completed by 3,348 EMBA graduates of...

Tags: , , . Read More Unveils a Leadership Special Report for Applicants

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Whether you're applying to college, grad school, b-school, law school, or med school, you can be sure that leadership is a desired attribute that you would be wise to reveal in your essays and interviews. Read this special report to brush up on different concepts...

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NYU Stern Changes Face

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NYU Stern was hit particularly hard during the financial crisis, mainly because of its proximity (both in location and in interests) to NYC's Wall Street. Now, according to a recent article in BusinessWeek, Dean Peter Henry (the new NYU Stern Dean as of January 15),...

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What Should I Write About? Making a Difference

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In my non-admissions life, I recently went to a lecture given by a biographer whose work I admire. In the course of his talk he mentioned that while writing about genius has merit, writing about typical folks and their extraordinary achievements is more valuable. The...

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Are Undergraduate Business Programs Too Narrow?

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There’s been a lot of talk and research recently about how to “revitalize the undergraduate business major, which is the nation’s most popular [degree],” reports The Chronicle. These students, who comprise about 20% of all college graduates, don’t seem to be receiving a very well-rounded...

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