MBA News Round Up

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The Job Market: Forbes' "It’s A Good Time to Go To A B-Level B-School" reports that in today’s economy, job opportunities may be fewer and farther between for Wharton and Harvard graduates than for graduates of second tier MBA programs. Deanne Fuehne, director of the career...

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Guide to Financial Aid for MBA (FAFSA, Scholarships, Assistantships) and Strategies for Financial Aid in Business School

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After the application waiting time is over, it is time to think how to foot the $80K+ tuition bill. Though some schools offer scholarship money or other help for their students, it is usually not very common in the Top 20 to get a full...

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Investment banking and recession, R1 top Business Schools admits – GMAT Club

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Investment banking internship offers decreased by 75% this year. Read about recession's impact on IB. Ask your questions or share joy with GMAT Club Wharton, Chicago (Booth), Kellogg, Columbia admits. You can find even more top schools admits in our B-School Application forum.

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What is important in choosing a Business School, best time to start work – GMAT Club

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So what is the most important in choosing a Business School? Read answers from current top B-School students. What is the best time to start work after graduating from B-School? Read advice regarding the current economy.

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What’s an MBA worth in a lifetime?

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Did you ever wonder what an MBA is really worth? Not just upon graduation. Not just in the first five years following graduation? But over the twenty years following graduation? BusinessWeek commissioned a study by Payscale, which it released earlier today.  While by BW's own admission...

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Recruiting Drops at Business Schools

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The Wall St. Journal continues the drum beat of bad news. Recruiting is down at business schools. A survey by the MBA Career Services Council, an association of business school career offices, reveals: 56% of surveyed career office representatives -- a significant jump over the fall figure of...

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MBA Admissions: Articles of Interest in Downturn

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I'm back from vacation and noticed a few worthwhile articles and interviews that appeared recently, all reflecting in one way or another the tough economic times and responses to them. MBA Job Outlook Dims The lights aren't turned off, but they are dimmed. Here are a...

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UPenn Wharton vs. Columbia vs. NYU Stern, new US News rankings – GMAT Club

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Wharton, Columbia and NYU Stern (full fellowship) - which one is the best? Read more. New grad school rankings from US News are yet to be released. Read a discussion.

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Investment banking recruiting, 730 GMAT after a score of 620 – GMAT Club

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Investment banking recruiting. How is it going these days? Read more. Read about 110-point increase in GMAT score in our forum. Inspiring thread with valuable advice on how you can get a good GMAT score is here.

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FT 2009 B-School ranking, MBA and job security – GMAT Club

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Financial Times Business School ranking 2009 discussion. You may also find our updated wiki B-School rankings useful. Does MBA provide job security? Did MBA ever provide it? Read more.

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