Free time activities after R2 applications, partner job search – GMAT Club

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What will you do with your spare time after Round 2 applications? Get some ideas from our members. Job search questions for your significant other are discussed here.

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PT vs. FT MBA career opportunities, B-school journey lessons – GMAT Club

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Part-time MBA versus Full-time MBA career opportunities. Read more. Business School journey lessons learned and valuable related advice is in our forum. Happy New Year, GMAT Club team

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Management consulting, extracurricular activities – GMAT Club forum

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All questions related to management consulting are discussed in our forum. You can ask your own question in this thread. What adds value to your extracurricular activities? Find out what our members think.

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Adcoms’ decision making process, “too busy” defined – GMAT Club forum

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Funny story about adcoms' decision making process is available here. So you say you're too busy... Read how DLJ bankers define "too busy".

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Advice for college seniors, MBA hiring during a recession – GMAT Club forum

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Advice for college seniors intending to apply to a Business School is in this thread of GMAT Club forum. Historical data of MBA hiring during a recession along with GMAT Clubbers comments are available here. Regards, GMAT Club team

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MBA Admissions: Is Finance Impossible?

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I listened this morning to a Haas podcast "Careers in finance remain viable in tumultuous times" with Abby Scott, Executive Director of Career Services at Haas, and a welcome voice of reason for panicked times. She acknowledges the current difficulties in the financial services industry,...

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“Non-traditional” MBA grads, low Kaplan GMAT simulation test score – GMAT Club forum

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Not all MBAs are i-bankers or consultants. Some MBA grads follow a different career path. Read more. Poor performance on Kaplan GMAT simulation tests shouldn't let you down. More info in our forum. Good luck with your interviews, GMAT Club team

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The number of schools to apply to, Sales and Trading, Upenn Wharton campus pictures – GMAT Club forum

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How many schools are you applying to? What is the best number of business schools to apply to? Read opinions of our members in the forum. Sales and Trading job opportunities and recent changes in the sphere are discussed in this thread. Some very good UPenn Wharton...

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MBA career and family, the true value of your MBA – GMAT Club forum

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Today's interesting threads include the following: Do you think your post-MBA career will have a negative effect on you family? Read others' thoughts on the issue in a newly revived thread in our forum. What is the value of your potential MBA? Many members found this thread...

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Notable posts from the GMAT Club forum

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We just wanted to draw your attention to these posts: Feedback and suggestions regarding improving our board's functionality and user friendliness are more than welcome here. Business school applicants might face tougher competition this year. Read more. Facts and myths about Investment Banking are thoroughly discussed here. Regards, GMAT Club...

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