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20 MBA Admissions Telethon Spots Left

By - Jul 21, 12:30 PM   Comments [0]

We are having a fantastic response to tomorrow's telethon. Frankly, it's a tad overwhelming. If you want to obtain a free mini-consultation or profile evaluation, please sign up ASAP. During the telethon, admissions consultants will be available to take your call, review your resume, and answer your...

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Happening @

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On Friday I promised a whole new,and it's up! Please check it out. We know there a few items to clean up, but please let us know what you like and dislike. You can let us know in comments below or just by contacting...

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Accepted News: Early-Bird Special, Webinar, Ebook, Telethon, & More

By - Jul 14, 10:02 AM   Comments [0]

There has been so much happening in the admissions world, that I have really failed to keep you current on events at I am going to remedy that omission now. Here's what's going on: MBA Early Bird Special Start early, submit early, and access expert...

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How to Write Bold & Brilliant MBA Essays

By - Jul 6, 12:28 PM   Comments [0]

More and more schools are releasing their 2010 essay questions. The round one deadlines are moving earlier. And you need to start writing those essays. But how? Find out during our next free webinar "The Roadmap to Bold and Brilliant Essays" on Tuesday July 14 at...

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Twitter Thank You Thursday Winner (#ATYT)

By - Jun 4, 12:48 PM   Comments [0]

It's Thursday again and time for our next Thank You Thursday winner on Twitter! abbi_irelan / Abbi Irelan 7 followers · from Millsboro, Delaware · Marketer at Delaware Tech. Fan of color and design. Animal lover. Hyper, fun-loving, almost home owner. Congratulations on winning your choice of

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MBA Admissions News: HBS, Wharton, Chicago, Kellogg, INSEAD, UCLA

By - Jun 2, 13:09 PM   Comments [0]

Wow has it been busy in the MBA world! Take a couple of days off and everything starts happening. Chicago Booth announced the availability of no-cosignor loans for its students. Chicago Booth and Associate Dean Rose Martinelli have worked hard to ensure access to international students...

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“Best Practices for MBA Admissions” Webinar Online”Best Practices for MBA Admissions” Webinar Online

By - May 28, 02:06 AM   Comments [0]

Many of you asked if we are going post the recording from our recent webinar "Best Practices in MBA Admissions." The answer is "Yes!" If you are struggling to determine your competitiveness, your strengths and weaknesses, and your MBA admissions strategy, Best Practices in MBA Admissions"...

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Twitter Thank You Thursday Winner (#ATYT)

By - May 21, 08:00 AM   Comments [0]

It's Thursday again and time for our next Thank You Thursday winner on Twitter! ig4mer / Ray Chin 148 followers · from New York · Recent graduate in the marketing field. Congratulations on winning your choice of Admissions Ebooks! We want to thank our Twitter followers. Twice...

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MBA Admissions Best Practices Webinar TOMORROW

By - May 20, 12:00 PM   Comments [0]

Please register for Best Practices in MBA Admissions, a free webinar, that takes place tomorrow May 21 at 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST/5:00 PM GMT. Over 260 applicants have registered, and we have room for plenty more. Feel free to come, bring a friend, and join...

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2009 Beautiful B-School Photo Contest Winners

By - May 19, 12:00 PM   Comments [0]

And the winners are: The First Prize ($200 Amazon Gift Certificate) goes to Simon Lau for a magnificent shot of Columbia’s dormitory. Second Prize ($100 gift certificate) to Ninad Gujar for a stunning photo of fall foliage near Tuck. Third Prize ($50 gift certificate): A tie between Bizwiz for...

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