Announcing GMAT Pill Price Increase on October 10, 2013

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In case you haven't heard already from our earlier post here - prices will be increasing @ midnight October 10, 2013.   The price of GMAT PILL's Full Course Package has been $357 since 2 years ago. Back then, we were already the top-rated online video course and had solid testimonials including: -...

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Gold Collection: GMAT Pill Free Articles & Questions

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Below are 3 Articles and 7 Questions That Will Help You On GMAT Verbal The break down is as follows: 2 SC3 Articles 1 CR 7 Questions 2 SC 5 CR 1. "To do x" vs "doing x," a secret idiomatic best practice This article describes how to handle situations in which you've narrowed...

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$93k MBA Scholarship to London Business School

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That's right - it's happening AGAIN. Last time, GMATPILL-er Kang Cao scored a half tuition MBA scholarship due to his high GMAT score. Now, he's at Darden MBA enjoying life at a top business school. And now, James - another GMATPILL-er who has actually joined GMAT Pill...

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OG13 Tracker from GMAT Pill

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What is the Official Guide Tracker The OG13 tracker is an online interactive tool that lets you record your responses as you study from the Official Guide book. Why record your responses? So you can refer back to them later on. You'll also be able to...

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Full-Length GMAT Practice Test from GMAT Pill

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GMAT Practice Test - The Real Deal Take the GMAT Pill Full-Length GMAT CAT Test Looking for a practice test that mimicks the real GMAT test interface? GMAT Pill now offers a full-length GMAT Practice Test covering all the major sections of the test - Integrated Reasoning, Quant,...

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Online GMAT Question Bank – 110 SC Questions + Video Explanations

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GMAT Pill just posted 110 video explanations to 110 sentence correction questions on the GMAT Practice Pill Platform. Each of these questions are labeled with the percentage of users who got them correct. You can contribute your answer by selecting the question and inputting your answer...

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Official Guide (OG13) #209-230 Video Explanations

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GMAT Pill just put up video explanations for Official Guide questions 209-230 to the Practice Pill Platform. Through this link, you can: 1) Keep track of your OG performance online. Just enter in your answer and the system will record your responses. You can favorite them...

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“GMAT Pill HD”: First True GMAT On-The-Go iPad App

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GMAT Pill's new "GMAT Pill HD" iPad app is now available to download from the app store. The major benefit with this app is that it lets you download GMAT videos onto your iPad device so you can view them later even without WiFI. No other...

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Best Management Schools with Excellent GMAT Prep

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Any event involving competition among equals will be interesting but the participants will back them for winning with adequate preparation. It may be sporting event or competitive examinations. Institutes of higher learning are very keen that students they admit for their courses meet certain minimum...

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A FIrst Step Towards Career success: Take the GMAT

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Boys and girls who are studious in schools and under graduate courses are quite keen and anxious about their next course in life. In this competitive world getting an undergraduate degree may help a person find a job. However, to go up further in hierarchy...

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