The Idiot’s Guide to GMAT Idioms

By - Oct 22, 08:56 AM   Comments [0]

You may have heard that the GMAT is no longer testing idioms. You also may have heard that the first 10 questions on the GMAT are the most important. You also may have heard that Lindsey Lohan is great at Data Sufficiency. Why...

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Intuition and Common Sense on Geometry DS Questions

By - Oct 20, 13:41 PM   Comments [0]

This GMAT prep post was written by Rich Zwelling. Who cares?"  That should be the operative question on your mind as you tackle Data Sufficiency problems. Here's what I mean:  Suppose I ask you the question "What is x?"  I then give you a statement that says...

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The AWA Isn’t That Important, So Can I Blow It Off?

By - Oct 18, 13:39 PM   Comments [0]

I want to take a moment to address some common confusion about the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) portion of the GMAT exam.  As many of you inveterate students know, the AWA portion involves two essays, and you get a maximum of 30...

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How to Get In the Zone for the GMAT

By - Oct 16, 13:37 PM   Comments [0]

As a GMAT teacher and tutor, I am often asked about the best way to “get into the zone” to take the exam. After all, no one can sit for a 3.5 hour exam and not occasionally space out or lose focus. There...

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Tips for Comparing Fractions on the GMAT

By - Oct 14, 13:35 PM   Comments [0]

When discussing fractions, I often find a very interesting area of confusion among students. I'll ask them to compare, for example, 1/3 and 1/4. Almost everyone correctly answers that 1/4 is smaller. "How do you know?" I'll ask. And this is where...

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MBA Dictionary: How to Talk Like a CEO

By - Oct 3, 13:21 PM   Comments [0]

The world of business is characterized by a language all its own. Looking to improve your own communication style, understand others better, or see a familiar world through a new lens? Here are 15 corporate and academic terms you should know if...

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Is a One-Year MBA Program Right for You?

By - Oct 1, 13:20 PM   Comments [1]

The “traditional” MBA experience -- two years, full-time, with a summer internship after the first year -- isn’t right for every applicant. Many MBA students choose alternative paths, deciding to get an Executive MBA, attend school part-time, or take classes online. For ...

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GMAT Score: 450. Is It Over?

By - Sep 29, 13:18 PM   Comments [0]

Maybe you weren’t feeling well or got tripped up early on and couldn’t recover: whatever the reason, a GMAT score 100+ points lower than your target can be disheartening and feel like a gulf between you and your MBA dreams. Don’t despair -...

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11 GMAT Secrets I Learned at the GMAT Test Prep Summit

By - Sep 28, 13:39 PM   Comments [0]

This GMAT prep post was written by Sean Murphy. Last week, I attended the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) GMAT Test Prep Summit, an event for representatives of the test preparation industry. Here is what I learned: The Graduate Management Admission Council’s Vice...

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Knewton Releases New GMAT Premium Live Course

By - Sep 20, 15:00 PM   Comments [0]

After releasing our GMAT course in a high-definition, on-demand format in April 2011, we here at Knewton Academics were pleasantly surprised at just how much the GMAT community enjoyed the results. Inspired by the success of that course as a 24/7 complete prep option, we...

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