My Quant Score is Below 80th Percentile – Test Again?

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From The Staff of MBA, MBA Proudly, one of the most affordable MBA admissions consulting companies Visit MBA for our current discounts! Email: To benefit from our free webinars, click Recent Webinar Topics: Getting Into the Top-10 MBA Programs; Overriding a Low GPA;...

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Your GMAT Score as a First-Cut Metric

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From The Staff of MBA MBA Proudly, one of the most affordable MBA admissions consulting companies Visit for our current discounts! Email: Your GMAT Score as a First-Cut Metric Many candidates ask whether the GMAT score sometimes functions as a “first-cut metric,” a term we coined...

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GMAT tricks: when to read answer options backward

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The GMAT test makers are constantly trying to slow down your progress through the test. I always think that if I’m taking the test the way they want me to, then I must be adopting a poor strategy. Instead, I should be taking the test...

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MBA News: Starting Salary Rankings, HBS Interview Insights

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Will your starting salary be worth the business school investment? From ranking which alumni boast the best median starting salary, to MBA programs enrolling more women, to an inside look at the HBS interview—it’s been another interesting week of business education news. Keep reading to find...

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GMAT Score: Report or Cancel?

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Do you take the red pill or the blue pill—report or cancel your GMAT score? You’ve almost survived Test Day—but not before the GMAT asks you what may be the toughest question of all… Report or cancel your GMAT score? Good news for those facing the dreaded GMAT...

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Monday Mail-Bag: Advice on Big Picture Issues That Impact GMAT Test Takers…

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This series of emails and PMs focuses on situations that many Test Takers face during their studies. The names of the original posters have been changed to protect their identities. Steps to Improving CR Ability Hi Rich, I'm wondering what is the best way to review a...

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MBA News: Better Business Education Networking, Recruiting Up

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What does Harvard Business School really look for in its MBA candidates? Credit: David Jones via Flickr cc From noteworthy MBA networking tips to wowing the Harvard Business School admissions committee—it’s been a sizzling month of business education news. Keep reading to find out what’s going...

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How recent GMAT exam changes will affect you

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The Graduate Management Admission Council recently announced three changes to the GMAT that will give test takers a little more peace of mind. The changes were made effective July 19. Here’s how you should (and should not) take advantage of them.

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The BIG Payout That Can Come Later From Investing in your GMAT Training NOW

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In the realm of financial investing, it pays to invest early on. By doing so, the accumulated return over time can be staggering. There are plenty of online articles that can explain the concept in greater detail, but the simple idea is that making some...

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GMAT or GRE for Business School?

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Is the GMAT or GRE your best bet for business school admissions? You know you’re going to get an MBA. The question is, what route will you take? More specifically, you may be wondering which test to take—GMAT or GRE? Deciding between GMAT or GRE for business...

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