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Stanford Essays and Deadlines for 2011-2012

By - Jun 24, 12:51 PM   Comments [0]

Note that, as it has done for the past several years, Stanford’s admissions committee provides some high-level advice right on its own website. While we think this advice is generally good, we do think that most applicants can benefit from a more in-depth...

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Consider These Tips If You Are Retaking the GMAT

By - Jun 16, 15:54 PM   Comments [0]

It is not uncommon for MBA candidates to take the GMAT more than once.  It’s a difficult test and often students find that some of the “intangible” factors like pacing, test-day anxiety, etc. can detract from what felt like would be an...

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Four Things That Make Fuqua Unique

By - Jun 9, 12:06 PM   Comments [0]

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business gets its fair share if applicants every year. Given the school’s tight-knit community and knack for producing good grads, it is not surprising that so many applicants think about spending two years there. What...

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GMAC Introduces “Official GMAT” Mobile App for iPad and iPhone

By - May 27, 13:22 PM   Comments [1]

While there is no shortage of GMAT prep apps available for the iPhone and iPad (including our own free iPhone GMAT app), until now test takers haven’t had access to a course of official GMAT questions that they can use on their mobile devices....

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Columbia Business School Deadlines for 2011-2012

By - May 25, 13:10 PM   Comments [0]

Columbia Business School has released its deadlines for the new application season. Remember that Columbia is somewhat unique in that it not only has a September intake, but also a January one. This “J-Term” is really a 16-month program most...

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The Most Logical Way To Study Sentence Correction

By - May 17, 15:39 PM   Comments [1]

As someone reading this GMAT study blog, I hope that you’re cringing as you read this very sentence. Why? Because that sentence contained a classic GMAT sentence correction error — the modifier to begin the sentence “As someone reading this blog” should apply to you,...

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Is UCLA Anderson a Good Fit For You?

By - Apr 22, 12:54 PM   Comments [0]

In our years of offering GMAT prep and MBA admissions consulting, we are frequently surprised by the degree to which candidates underestimate Anderson. For some reason — perhaps because it is “just” a state school — many of our clients consider...

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Reducing Test Day Anxiety

By - Apr 20, 10:58 AM   Comments [0]

Perhaps the most annoying thing about the GMAT is that it tends to punish those who care the most about it.  As you’ve studied, you’ve likely come to realize that often the easiest way to miss a question is to be rushed, distracted,...

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Four Reasons Why Columbia Business School Is Unique

By - Apr 13, 14:19 PM   Comments [0]

We get no shortage of inquiries about Columbia Business School from applicants. You would be surprised, however, by how many applicants don’t really know the school before they apply. We always urge these applicants to go back and do their homework ...

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Why Should Business School Applicants Worry About the Economy?

By - Mar 28, 14:52 PM   Comments [0]

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) recently released a new study of MBA applicants, taking a close look at who applies to MBA programs, when they typically apply, and their most common reasons for applying. While the whole report (PDF) is worth...

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