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It’s Your Decisions That Really Count

By - Jan 24, 13:15 PM   Comments [0]

Perhaps the most typical mistake applicants make on their early essay drafts is polishing their achievements so that the link between their decisions and the successful results fits like a custom made glove. Dan Ariely wrote a great piece in December 2010′s...

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Two Free Ways to Begin Preparing for the GMAT

By - Jan 7, 09:30 AM   Comments [0]

We hope everyone had a very happy New Year!  Over at Veritas Prep, we're getting ready for our next wave of worldwide GMAT classes to start next week.  If you’re planning on preparing for and taking the GMAT in 2011, here are two ways you...

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Consider This Before Your Admissions Interview

By - Dec 16, 09:44 AM   Comments [0]

We’ve written before about how you don’t go into your MBA admissions interview with a blank slate. Even in the case of a “blind” admissions interview in which the interviewer may have nothing other than your resume, the admissions office already knows a great deal...

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Would You Get an MBA on Facebook?

By - Dec 13, 11:32 AM   Comments [0]

Last month The London School of Business and Finance (not to be confused with London Business School) made waves by announcing students can now earn an MBA on Facebook. The course is free, to an extent— students have to pay if they want to be...

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Changes Coming to INSEAD

By - Dec 1, 17:23 PM   Comments [0]

In an interview published by Bloomberg Businessweek  on November 22, incoming INSEAD Dean Dipak Jain described his motivations for taking the leadership help at the top-ranked school, and shared some of his plans for INSEAD’s expansion over the next few years. Attracted to Jain for his...

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Using Modifiers to Increase Your GMAT Score

By - Nov 27, 13:44 PM   Comments [0]

November already?! Yes, only a month left to get your holiday shopping done …which for many of us means it’s also high time we use those gift cards that we received during the last holiday season. Use it or lose it…a gift card mantra that delights...

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How To Use Remainders

By - Nov 26, 10:00 AM   Comments [0]

We're betting that you haven’t used a remainder in years. Remainders in division are pretty much just placeholders for kids who haven’t yet learned about mixed numbers or decimals yet; as soon as you learn what to do with the remainder, you tend to never...

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New Veritas Prep GMAT Course!

By - Oct 15, 10:17 AM   Comments [0]

A team of our top GMAT instructors has collaborated over the past several months to develop an entirely new way to train for the GMAT. The Essentials Course, as the name implies, covers what you absolutely MUST need to know in order to succeed on...

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Veritas Prep MBA Admissions: New Building at MIT Sloan

By - Oct 4, 13:47 PM   Comments [0]

Scott Shrum is the Director of Admissions Research for Veritas Prep. Named E62 in MIT's tradition of giving every building on campus an alphanumeric designation, the new 215,000 square-foot building will hold offices for Sloan faculty and administration, classrooms, a cafeteria, group study rooms, and more. As...

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Veritas Prep MBA Admissions: Is an Executive MBA Right for You?

By - Sep 23, 11:36 AM   Comments [0]

Scott Shrum is the Director of Admissions Research for Veritas Prep. While unemployment rates hover steady, business professionals are less likely to job-hop from company to company and are generally more disposed to invest in fast-tracking their career paths within their current organizations. An advanced degree in...

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