What Stanford Wants – A Moral Compass

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By Paul Lanzillotti, Amerasia Consulting Group If you read the latest editions of our “How to Apply to Harvard Business School” and "How to Apply to Stanford GSB" guides, you already know that cultivating a real reason for applying to an elite MBA goes week beyond the school's name, rank,...

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Necessary Apartment Amenities for Pre-Business Students

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By Danni White, This article is brought to you by Uloop and Kaplan.  Search Uloop for student housing, college roommates, sublets, part-time jobs, internships, tutors, and campus news. To succeed in pre-business school, perseverance, a good work ethic, dedication, and motivation are important things to have to do...

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GMAT Question of the Day (March 17)

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Math If in a $180 mln portfolio of stock, twice as much is invested in stock A as is invested in all the other stocks, how much is invested in all the other stocks? A. $60 mln B. $80 mln C. $100 mln D. $120 mln E. $150 mln Question Discussion &...

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Why You Just Got Dinged (Probably)

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Why You Just Got Dinged (Probably) By Adam Hoff, Amerasia Consulting Group These days, in addition to helping our clients get ready for interviews we also meet a lot of new folks who didn't use admissions consulting services to apply - but now are wondering if perhaps...

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7 Tips to Jumpstart Your 2018 MBA Mission – Ready, Set, Go!

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It’s not even spring yet. So why am I nagging you to get moving on your MBA application prep? Not just because those Round 1 deadlines creep up with wicked stealth and speed. But also because there is so much you can still do between now...

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GMAT Question of the Day (March 16)

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Math 0.375 is how much smaller than ? A. B. C. D. E. Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - D - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Verbal By confronting a devastated economy through actions such...

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GMAT Quant | Percentage change questions

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An important area of GMAT Quant is percentage change. Recently a student asked me for help with the following percentage question from the 2016 Official Guide:

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GMAT Question of the Day (March 15)

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Math Set consists of 19 elements. The average of set is . If a new element is added to the set and the average grows by %, what is the value of the new element? A.

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U.S. News Announces 2018 Business School Rankings

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Wharton climbs three spots to tie with HBS in this year’s business school rankings. U.S. News announces its 2018 business school rankings, a Bollywood star goes for her MBA, and Chicago Booth gets a new dean. Here’s the latest in our roundup of business school...

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GMAT Question of the Day (March 14)

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Math Is product an even integer? (1) is an even integer (2) is an odd integer Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - C - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Verbal Rabies caused by the the bite of a mad dog...

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