Question of the Day (April 2)

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Quant Is ? (1) (2) Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - A - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) __________________________________________________________________________ Verbal Codex Berinensis,...

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Question of the Day (April 1)

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Verbal Bluegrass musician Bill Monroe, whose repertory, views on musical collaboration, and vocal style were influential on generations of bluegrass artists, was also an inspiration to many musicians, that included Elvis Presley and Jerry Garcia, whose music differed significantly from his own. (A) were influential on generations of...

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E-GMAT: A New and Better Approach to GMAT Prep [Episode 304]

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Interview with Rajat Sadana & Payal Tandon, Co-Founders of e-GMAT [Show Summary] Do you need to prep for the GMAT? Dreading having to go to class? Unsure about online test prep? Our guests today are GMAT online test prep experts. We’ll be speaking with the co-founders...

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Question of the Day (March 29)

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Quant What is Sarah's annual income? (1) The ratio of Sarah's and Mary's annual income is 4:3. (2) The ratio of Sarah's and Mary's savings is 3:2, and combined they spend $20,000, annually. Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - E - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Verbal Excavation of the ancient...

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Question of the Day (March 28)

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Verbal Although Napoleon’s army entered Russia with far more supplies than they had in their previous campaigns, it had provisions for only twenty-four days. (A) they had in their previous campaigns (B) their previous campaigns had had (C) they had for any previous campaign (D) in their previous campaigns (E) for any...

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Question of the Day (March 27)

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Quant After his death, a farmer left all of his land to his three children. Alfred received 20% more acres of land than James and 25% more than Stephen. If James received 3,600 acres, how many acres did Stephen get? A. 2400 B. 3456 C. 3600 D. 3750 E. 4320 Question Discussion...

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[Math Revolution] Practice “Math Questions of the Day”

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To help you sharpen your math skills and hit your target score of Q49-51, we are sending you 4 math questions (2 DS, 2 PS) and solutions regularly. These questions are the types of questions appearing in GMAT exam frequently. Please Click the link for solutions.

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Question of the Day (March 26)

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Verbal Downzoning, zoning that typically results in the reduction of housing density, allows for more open space in areas where little water or services exist. (A) little water or services exist (B) little water or services exists (C) few services and little water exists (D) there is little water or services...

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Question of the Day (March 25)

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Quant Max's current monthly salary is $2,000, and will be raised by 25% next month. If he decides to save exactly 25% of his salary each month, how many months will it take for Max to save $5,500? A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7 E. 9 Question Discussion & Explanation Correct...

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Question of the Day (March 22)

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Verbal The nature of English literature reflects the rich and diverse vocabulary of the English language, which resulted from the dual influence of the Anglo-Saxon and, later, French languages. The French language, though, is a direct descendant of Latin, with few traces of the Celtic language...

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