Question of the Day (February 26)

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Verbal Manufacturers sometimes discount the price of a product to retailers for a promotion period when the product is advertised to consumers. Such promotions often result in a dramatic increase in amount of product sold by the manufacturers to retailers. Nevertheless, the manufacturers could often make...

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Question of the Day (February 25)

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Quant A ship is transporting several cats and a crew (sailors, a cook, and a one-legged captain) to a nearby port. If these passengers combined have 15 heads and 41 legs, then how many cats is the ship transporting? A. 3 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7 E. 8 Question Discussion &...

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Question of the Day (February 22)

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Verbal Unlike the buildings in Mesopotamian cities, which were arranged haphazardly, the same basic plan was followed for all cities of the Indus Valley: with houses laid out on a north-south, east-west grid, and houses and walls were built of standard-size bricks. (A) the buildings in Mesopotamian cities, which...

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Question of the Day (February 21)

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Quant If and , is ? (1) (2) Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - A - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Verbal While it costs about the same to run nuclear plants as other types of power plants,...

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[Math Revolution] Practice “Math Questions of the Day”

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To help you sharpen your math skills and hit your target score of Q49-51, we are sending you 4 math questions (2 DS, 2 PS) and solutions regularly. These questions are the types of questions appearing in GMAT exam frequently. Please Click the link for solutions.

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Question of the Day (February 20)

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Verbal A study of marital relationships in which one partner's sleeping and waking cycles differ from those of the other partner reveals that such couples share fewer activities with each other and have more violent arguments than do couples in a relationship in which both partners...

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Question of the Day (February 19)

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Quant If is a positive number and , what is the value of ? A. B. C. D. E. Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - B - (click and drag your mouse to see...

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Question of the Day (February 18)

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Verbal Many gardeners believe that the variety of clematis vine that is most popular among gardeners in North America is jackmanii. This belief is apparently correct since, of the one million clematis plants sold per year by the largest clematis nursery in North America, ten percent are jackmanii. Which...

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Question of the Day (February 15)

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Quant What is the value of ? (1) (2) Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - E - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Verbal Under high pressure and intense heat, graphite, the most stable form of pure carbon, changes into the substance commonly referred...

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Question of the Day (February 14)

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Verbal The tobacco industry is still profitable and projections are that it will remain so. In the United States this year, the total amount of tobacco sold by tobacco-farmers has increased, even though the number of adults who smoke has decreased. Each of the following, if true,...

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