Meet Dr. Akshat Kumar, Wharton MBA ‘19 [Episode 242]

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Our guest today, Dr. Akshat Kumar, earned his MD from Kasturba Medical College in India and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Rutgers University/St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Jersey, where he became Chief Resident and then Attending Physician. In his spare time he...

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3 Rules for Getting the Most Out of an MBA Fair (Plus, Upcoming MBA Fair Dates)

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You’ve just booked your first MBA fair – now what? What can you do now to ensure that you’re prepared for the big day? What are some things you can do at the fair to help you get the most out of the event? And...

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INSEAD’s Class of 2018 Class Profile

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Here’s an inside look at who makes up INSEAD’s entering class of 2017, taken from the INSEAD website and Poets & Quants. • Applications received: 2000+ • Admits: 600 • Average student age: 29 • Nationalities: 93 • Women: 34% • Average GMAT: 707 • Percent with GRE: 2% • Average work experience:...

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5 Steps to Boost Your Business School Application

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions When you consider all the steps involved in applying to business school, from researching schools, to visiting campuses, to studying for those dreaded tests, to telling your boss you are considering going to business school, to deciding on the schools to which...

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There’s a B-School Teaching Style for Every Personality

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Many MBA applicants make the same wrong assumption: No matter which top business school you attend, its teaching style will be more or less the same. While there are similarities across the top-tier programs, each school has a different teaching style. There’s the case method approach;...

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MBAnalysis Blog: 5 MBA Interview Do’s and 5 Don’ts (Part 2)

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So, you have been lucky enough to be invited to interview by your top choice MBA program. Congratulations! Your chances of being accepted have just risen from maybe 15% to roughly 50%. While you now have a great opportunity to cement your candidacy, here are...

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MBAnalysis Blog: 5 MBA Interview Do’s and 5 Don’ts (Part 1)

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The first hurdle business school applicants have to cross is getting an interview. And at some schools that is nearly impossible. At Harvard Business School, for example, roughly 20% of applicants get to meet with an admissions committee member directly to plead their case. But...

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The Rise of Masters Programs in Data Analytics and Related Fields

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As companies and institutions are increasingly able to collect vast amounts of information about their suppliers, processes, and customers, they have sought to recruit professionals who are able to extract, represent, and interpret this “big data,” transforming it into usable patterns that can help them...

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How to Research Business Schools and Choose the MBA Program for You

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You may be researching schools already. Going through the steps previously outlined in this blog series will help you do so efficiently. It will also help you remain objective. That means that you should eliminate from consideration: • Programs that lack elements you consider essential • Programs...

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This Season’s MBA Essay Changes, and How to Tackle Them

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According to legend, novelist Ernest Hemingway was challenged by fellow writers to tell a full story in six words. His response, penned in a few minutes on a bar napkin, won him $10 from each challenger: 
“For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” UC Berkeley Haas showed some...

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