Where are the Best B-School Startup Labs?

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IE Startup Lab in Madrid provides year-round workshops for students to develop their business plan for launch, faculty mentoring, training in marketing, funding, strategy and legal aspects of entrepreneurship. Today’s MBA programs offer a broad range of courses in entrepreneurship, as well as  opportunities for networking...

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INSEAD MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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Communication is key for INSEAD – in part because it is a key factor that their recruiters look for. Hence the INSEAD application elicits your communication effectiveness. First, INSEAD asks you to write reflective essays – and to do so succinctly. Balancing this emphasis on written...

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Columbia Dean to Step Down After 15 Years

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions It’s the end of an era at Columbia Business School. After 15 years on the job, dean Glenn Hubbard will step down in July 2019 and return to teaching. Announcing Hubbard’s departure, Columbia University president Lee Bollinger hailed the dean’s tenure as...

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“Describe a Setback or Failure…” and Don’t Humble Brag

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Just like the dreaded “What are your weaknesses?” question in job interviews, you might come across the “failure essay” during your MBA applications. An essay that asks you to reveal negative information about yourself…on a high stakes application?! That’s the worst kind, right? Wrong. This...

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Tips On The MIT Sloan MBA Video Statement

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There’s a video component to the MBA application at an increasing number of schools – INSEAD, Kellogg, Yale, Rotman and MIT Sloan, to name a few. Fortuna’s Brittany Maschal offers a terrific take on how to ace the video statement for MIT Sloan, which has a...

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Tips for Executive MBA Reapplicants

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If you have been rejected by an Executive MBA program, it often comes down to one of four reasons (or combination thereof): Your academic record was not strong enough to convince the admissions committee you could handle the rigor of an EMBA program, Your work experience was...

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What’s the Deal With Online MBAs?

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Growing up, did your parents ever tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too? On your next FaceTime call home, be prepared to do some serious finger-wagging, because online MBA programs might be putting that proverb to rest for good. Unlike traditional...

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MBA Requirements: Advice for Non-traditional Applicants

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Gone are the days when the serious MBA contender had to possess a certain academic and career pedigree. At a time when business schools are aggressively seeking diversity in their candidates, key MBA requirements include your leadership experience and potential. “You don’t need to have studied economics...

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CBS Dean Glenn Hubbard to Step Down After 15-Year Tenure

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Glenn Hubbard, successful steward of Columbia Business School for 15 years, will step down from his role as dean at the end of the 2018-19 academic year, University President Lee Bollinger has announced. Hubbard will then resume his position as part of Columbia Business School’s faculty...

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Wharton Releases 2020 MBA Class Profile

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School has unveiled a profile of its latest MBA cohort. Despite a 7 percent drop in applications this year – from 6,692 to 6,245 – this year’s class is quite similar to last year’s, at least as...

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