Essay Analysis: Dartmouth Tuck School of Business 2018-19

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Tuck has come out with their essays, which include an interesting new take on the standard MBA goals essay. Tuck used to have a very traditional “goals prompt,” but now they’ve busted it up into a series of (very) short answer questions. This effectively forces applicants...

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Skip the Industry-Specific Jargon in MBA Essays

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Picture this: you’re sitting around the dinner table with your family on Thanksgiving when your uncle turns and asks you, “So what do you actually DO for a living?” Listen carefully to your answer. You probably replied in straightforward, clear language, free of confusing, industry-specific jargon....

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MBA Re-applicant? Here’s How to Tackle Your Application V2

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It didn’t work out last year. Not what you were hoping for undoubtedly, but all is not lost. Are you determined? Are you motivated? Is an MBA still your dream? Something you need in order to succeed at your goals? If yes, then everything is possible. When you’re done...

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B-School “Fit” – Choosing Your MBA Program

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Imagine you’ve received acceptance letters from two schools. One is a top-notch, name-brand program, and the other is a B-lister. Here’s the twist, you applied to that B-list school for it’s great, let’s say… basket-weaving program. You have high aspirations in the field of basket-weaving—you...

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Essay Analysis: UCLA Anderson School of Management

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UCLA Anderson’s essay questions are out, and they’re pretty straightforward! While the first essay remains the same as last year (goals!), the short answer has changed a bit and now closely resembles Stanford’s “what matters most to you and why.” One interesting angle here is the overlap...

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Essay Analysis: UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

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We have a number of changes from Haas this year, though the application remains short and fairly traditional. One interesting element of these prompts is their shared focus on what’s “meaningful,” a word that appears in both mandatory prompts. Haas is looking for something more than...

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MBA Program Research and Campus Visits

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When you’re house-hunting, you know to be pretty thorough. Before signing a lease or mortgage, you scope out the place, check the corners for mold, size up any roommates, and get a feel for the neighborhood. You’d never buy a house sight unseen… after all,...

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How to Juice Your Achievements In Your MBA Essays

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So, you led a multimillion-dollar project, motivated a large team to finish ahead of the deadline, or earned an exceptionally early promotion… pretty juicy achievements! But you’re having trouble making them stand out in your MBA application essays. You’re Superman, but you come off like...

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Essay Analysis: The University of Chicago Booth School of Business 2018-19

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Well, former Booth applicants, we did it. We broke Booth. The 2018-19 prompts are out and by sheer teamwork and developing the most KICKASS PowerPoints human beings are capable of, we simply made it IMPOSSIBLE to improve on. So, thanks purely to Admissionado (and I...

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Essay Analysis: University of Texas McCombs School of Management 2018-19

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Texas McCombs has joined the essay release flood with a resounding “more of the same, please!” The two mandatory prompts are more or less unchanged, and the first (“introduce yourself”) remains one of the more challenging essays on the MBA admissions circuit. The problem is that...

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