Avoid These 5 Entries in Duke’s “25 Random Things” Essay

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Duke Fuqua’s first essay asking for 25 random things about an applicant is meant to cut through boring apps like a hot knife through butter. It is meant to zero in on “dry” candidates and weed them out, ’cause they’re obviously not the right fit for...

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A Take on How U.S. Politics Are Affecting MBAs

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So…American politics have been a little kooky as of late. Okay, let’s be honest, sometimes it seems like things have gone completely off the rails. A lot of this craziness has centered around the issue of immigration. With rallies, controversial policies, court battles, protests, and the...

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Make Your Social Media A Piece Of Your MBA Application

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At this point, everyone’s mom, grandma, and uncle is on social media. Some of us at Admissionado remember when you had to have a .edu email address to get on Facebook. Ah… those were the days… Okay, enough reminiscing. Because of its almost universal use, social...

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Here’s What “Social Entrepreneurship” in MBA Really Means

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The days of elite business schools pumping out the next cycle of profit-seeking corporate cutouts are (pretty much) behind us. Social entrepreneurship has become the new trend among the world’s top MBA programs, and candidates are flocking to these programs by the masses. From the Program...

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Essay Analysis: CMU Tepper School of Business 2018-19

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Tepper’s application has always been a bit light on writing, and this year is no exception with only one 350-word mandatory essay. The prompt is entirely new, however. In place of last year’s rather fun “what would you say if you met us at the airport?”, applicants...

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Showing That You “Don’t” Fit In Can Help Your App

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We all know the clichés. When you think of Stanford, you think of the Valley and of entrepreneurs hoping to come up with the next Apple or Google. As for Harvard, that’s the school with the billion-dollar brand – the school that will teach you...

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“Describe a Setback or Failure…” and Don’t Humble Brag

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Just like the dreaded “What are your weaknesses?” question in job interviews, you might come across the “failure essay” during your MBA applications. An essay that asks you to reveal negative information about yourself…on a high stakes application?! That’s the worst kind, right? Wrong. This...

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What’s the Deal With Online MBAs?

By - Sep 19, 15:08 PM   Comments [1]

Growing up, did your parents ever tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too? On your next FaceTime call home, be prepared to do some serious finger-wagging, because online MBA programs might be putting that proverb to rest for good. Unlike traditional...

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Essay Analysis: Duke Fuqua School of Business 2018-19

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Duke Fuqua is back with the same prompts as last year, and these prompts are something of a sleeper threat. The first thing to watch out for is the two-page length limit. Because most application essay length limits are based on word count, we find that...

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Essay Analysis: University of Virginia Darden School of Business 2018-19

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Darden has released their prompts with some major changes, and here’s what they have to say about them: “For the 2018–19 application cycle, Darden has decided to forgo one long essay, and do multiple short essays. We want to get to know all of the various...

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