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Bloomberg Businessweek Announces 2017 MBA Rankings

By - Nov 17, 13:03 PM   Comments [0]

Bloomberg Businessweek has announced its list of 2017’s best business schools in the United States, and Harvard Business School took first place for the third straight year. The 2017  list is characterized by near constant movement, with only two schools in the top 20 holding...

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MBA Round 2 Applicants: Use This Year-End To-Do List

By - Nov 16, 07:08 AM   Comments [0]

This post originally appeared on Stacy’s ‘Strictly Business’ MBA blog on U.S. News The next two months will be “go time” for Round 2 MBA applicants, with numerous deadlines hitting just after the New Year. B-school hopefuls will need to manage their time wisely in order to complete...

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New Ross School Club Helps International Students Adapt to US Recruiting Style

By - Nov 15, 07:29 AM   Comments [0]

Nearly a third of students in some of the top MBA programs are international, which offers great professional and cultural diversity and enriches the classroom experience. But sometimes, international students face unique challenges during recruiting, when it comes time to start networking with potential employers. Culture...

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The Bigger Picture: Test and Learn

By - Nov 14, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

When I was launching my career post-business school, I had a mentor who was constantly pushing me to “test and learn”. He was not a fan of 200-page business plans, extended market research, surveys, focus groups and other actions that would postpone implementation. He argued...

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Tips for a Successful MBA Group Interview

By - Nov 13, 07:49 AM   Comments [0]

Have you been invited to a group interview — or hope you will be? Some of the world’s top MBA programs use a team-based interview format, and we won’t be surprised if this trend grows in the future. Business schools want students who will play...

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Course Spotlight: Living Business Leadership Experience at Michigan Ross

By - Nov 10, 07:16 AM   Comments [0]

Giving students the opportunity to lead real businesses as part of the Ross experience has been a vision of Scott DeRue, the Edward J. Frey Dean of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, since before he assumed his current role in 2016. This fall, that...

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Nervous About Your MBA Interview? Heed This Advice

By - Nov 9, 08:38 AM   Comments [0]

‘Tis the season for interviews! This is the most unpredictable portion of the MBA application process, since every interviewer is different. The same interviewer may even react differently depending on his or her mood that day. For the lucky Round One MBA applicants who have...

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Princeton Review’s 2018 MBA Rankings

By - Nov 8, 12:23 PM   Comments [0]

The Princeton Review, known for its college rankings in dozens of categories based on how students rate their schools, is now expanding its coverage of business school programs. The company recently released its 2018 annual ranking lists of business schools. Available on the company’s website, The...

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Tuesday Tips: Rejection, Reapplication, Resilience

By - Nov 7, 12:12 PM   Comments [0]

It’s that time of year…business schools are making decisions and not all news is good news. In this video, I provide three basic tips to keep in mind if you are faced with rejection and contemplating next steps. I also talk about resilience, which is...

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Former AdCom Officers Have Some (More) Advice for You

By - Nov 6, 08:26 AM   Comments [0]

Last week we talked about how Stacy Blackman Consulting has former admissions officers from all of the top MBA programs on our team, and how these ex-adcom consultants help with Flight Test™ reviews for each of our All-In clients, contribute their insiders’ knowledge to our...

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