Stacy Blackman

How Your Social Media Profile Can Support Your MBA Candidacy

By - Aug 14, 07:41 AM   Comments [0]

We’re going to tell you something you probably already know: if you’re applying to an MBA program this year, be careful about what you post online. It’s possible that business school adcom members could do a quick search on your name before admitting you to...

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Georgetown MBA Students Pledge Summer Pay to Social Impact Internship Fund

By - Aug 11, 08:47 AM   Comments [0]

This spring, the Net Impact chapter at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business launched a fundraising campaign for the Social Impact Internship Fund (SIIF) to encourage first-year MBA students to donate 0.5 percent of their summer internship pay to benefit fellow students who pursue internships in...

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Tips for Applying to Business School as a Couple

By - Aug 10, 09:33 AM   Comments [0]

This post originally appeared on Stacy’s ‘Strictly Business’ MBA blog on U.S. News For some professional couples, there comes a time when both partners realize that pursuing an MBA degree is the key to exploring new career paths and accessing an array of high-quality professional opportunities. However, the MBA...

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Tuesday Tips: USC Marshall Fall 2018 MBA Essay Tips

By - Aug 8, 09:17 AM   Comments [0]

The Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California program offers a southern California location and strong local reputation, a variety of programs and the resources of a large and prestigious university. While USC’s value statement: “Transformational Courage, Collaborative Ambition, Impactful Service, and Unwavering...

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The Bigger Picture: It’s Always Worth an Ask

By - Aug 8, 05:00 AM   Comments [0]

I have a friend who consistently lands in the cushiest situations. Ever since I have known her, she would wiggle her way out of a final exam so that she could work on a more interesting project. She could negotiate dreamlike work conditions: lots of...

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Seeing Your MBA Application Through AdCom’s Eyes

By - Aug 7, 07:27 AM   Comments [0]

When you’re hard at work on your MBA applications, it’s easy to get caught up in what sounds great to you, or what seems impressive to your friends, co-workers or parents. But what you really need to be doing is considering your materials from the...

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London Business School Launches ‘World’s Most Flexible MBA’

By - Aug 4, 08:11 AM   Comments [0]

The London Business School MBA class entering this August will have a transformational experience as the school introduces major updates to its full-time program. According to an announcement made by LBS earlier this year, the new MBA will include flexible exit points at 15, 18 and...

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What MBA Applicants Can Learn From Fidget Spinners

By - Aug 3, 09:05 AM   Comments [0]

If you’ve spent any time lately with members of the elementary or middle school set, you’re likely aware of fidget spinners, the wildly popular palm-sized toy comprised of three propellers and a middle bearing that you spin between your fingers and thumbs. There’s not much more...

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People Love SBC on Yelp!

By - Aug 2, 08:09 AM   Comments [0]

This arrived in the mail last week and I’m so thrilled to share it with you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our busy clients who took the time to share their experiences with SBC on Yelp! so that others might...

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Tuesday Tips: London Business School Fall 2018 MBA Essay Tips

By - Aug 1, 09:47 AM   Comments [0]

London Business School is a close-knit program with an international focus, set in one of the most exciting centers of culture in Europe. London Business School has student social clubs covering everything from board games to wine and spirits. The experience of living and studying...

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