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BusinessBecause: Why Emotional Intelligence Is Key to MBA Admissions Success

By - Oct 26, 22:49 PM   Comments [0]

by Jonathan Pfeffer A concept born in the 90s, b-school admissions teams are now reinforcing the importance of a high EQ among MBA candidates Excerpt: “Within the classroom, MBA programs are offering more courses on soft leadership that help students better understand the importance of EQ...

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Chicago Business Journal: 5 Kellogg MBA application tips

By - Oct 26, 22:22 PM   Comments [0]

by Jeff Thomas, Stratus Admissions Counseling CEO The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (Kellogg) experience is dedicated to transforming students into growth-oriented leaders who inspire growth in people, organizations and markets. Located in the “urban suburb” of Evanston, Illinois, Kellogg’s Global Hub offers stunning...

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Applying for an MBA with a Nonprofit Background (Part 1)

By - Oct 26, 17:59 PM   Comments [0]

If you come from a nonprofit background, applying to MBA programs can be intimidating. Applicants that come from “traditional” MBA roles such as banking and consulting often have access to MBA alums to help them through the admissions process. If you come from a “non-traditional”...

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Indian Engineers! Here are 6 Tips as You Consider ROI on an MBA

By - Oct 26, 17:43 PM   Comments [0]

If you are a male Indian engineer contemplating business school, there are two things you must be thinking about. The first is: will I get in? And second: is it worth it? Regarding the first question, the answer is: it is hard. With the acceptance...

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Noodle Pros: How To Maximize Your Chances Of Being Admitted To A Top Business School

By - Oct 23, 20:55 PM   Comments [0]

by Jeff Thomas, Stratus Admissions Counseling Originally published as an expert guest post on Noodle Pros Multiple studies show that MBA holders earn significantly more than their non-MBA counterparts. There is also evidence showing that the newly-minted MBAs see their annual compensation increase immediately after...

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MBAnalysis Blog: Four Tips as You Consider ROI on an MBA

By - Oct 23, 08:40 AM   Comments [0]

For many business school candidates, the issue of ROI on your MBA is paramount. After all, why pay a huge amount for a degree that isn’t going to pay off financially? While I appreciate the question, I find it overly simplistic; particularly as you are...

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MBAnalysis Blog: Doppelgänger MBA Programs – If You Liked X, You May Like Y

By - Oct 16, 05:00 AM   Comments [0]

How do you “fit”? Whether it is about you liking a school or a school liking you (to the point that they accept you), the question of fit is one that should always be top-of-mind for any applicant. Do you like a school’s teaching style?...

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MBA vs MFE: 6 Tips to Help You Decide

By - Oct 15, 14:18 PM   Comments [0]

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in finance, you may be overwhelmed by the graduate program options. Two of the most common paths are an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) with a concentration/specialization in Finance and a MFE (Master’s in Financial Engineering), which is...

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BusinessBecause: Is There A Cheating Epidemic At Business School?

By - Oct 13, 06:53 AM   Comments [0]

by Jonathan Pfeffer Some MBA students are cheating to get ahead Excerpt: Susan Cera, director of MBA admissions at Stratus Admissions Counseling, elaborates on the idea that cheating can result from a discrepancy in cultural norms: “In the US, elementary schools teach students how to research...

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MBAnalysis Blog: Plan B – 5 Things to Think About

By - Oct 13, 05:00 AM   Comments [0]

As Round 1 MBA decisions start rolling in, both in terms of admits and invitations to interview, now is the time to think about a Plan B, including MBA programs that you now wish to target for Round 2. Let me begin by reassuring you...

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