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NY Business Journal: 5 Johnson MBA application tips

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by Jeff Thomas, Stratus Admisisons Counseling CEO The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management (Johnson) MBA program emphasizes intense collaboration and prepares leaders for global success. Located in Ithaca, N.Y., four hours from New York City, the campus is surrounded by hiking trails and waterfalls. Ithaca also...

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How to Write a Compelling Georgetown McDonough Essay

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Georgetown is asking a new question this year and giving applicants 500 words to answer: Describe a defining moment when you were challenged and exceeded expectations. The moment can be a professional or personal one. If personal, then please also include how it had an...

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MBAnalysis: A Nobel Prize for Being (a) Different (Applicant)

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On Monday, Richard Thaler of Chicago Booth got the early morning call to say he had just won the Nobel Prize in Economics. For Professor Thaler, this was an honor long over-due, having already established himself as a ground-breaking thinker in that crazy world of...

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Engineering to MBA: 8 Problems to Solve

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As an engineer, you can bring problem solving ability to business, breaking down challenges, identifying root cause issues and developing innovative solutions. Often engineers and others with technical backgrounds look at an MBA to grow into management or leverage their technical skills to transition to...

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MBAnalysis: You’re Just Not Their Type

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Do business schools have “types?” Meaning, are there shared characteristics that are common among all students? The short answer is yes. But it is more nuanced than that. What you think is their type may not be their type at all. So how does this...

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MBAnalysis: Congrats on Submitting your MBA Application – What To Do Next? (Part 2)

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Congratulations again on successfully submitting your Round 1 MBA applications. It is not an easy process and you deserve a lot of credit for getting them in on time. For many of you, now is the time to start preparing for your MBA interviews; we...

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MBAnalysis: Congrats on Submitting your MBA Application – What To Do Next? (Part 1)

By - Sep 27, 12:35 PM   Comments [0]

Kudos to all of you who successfully got your Round 1 MBA applications in on time! For some of you that may have meant some late nights polishing your essays, fumbling through the online applications, and bugging your recommenders. For others, it may have been...

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Urgent Policy Meeting! – An MPP Thought Experiment

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Picture an urgent meeting in the Oval Office. A vigorous conversation is underway, and it includes this cast of characters: The President The Chief of Staff (responsible for ensuring that the president’s decisions are delegated to the right people and executed skillfully) A Senior Counselor/Strategist (someone...

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3 Tips for Applying to MPP Programs

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There’s no shortage of great guidance out there about applying to business or law programs. (Stratus provides such guidance on our business and law school blogs.) When it comes to MPP programs, however, there’s a lot less information on the web, so it can be...

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MBA Candidates: How To Successfully Transition to a Healthcare Career

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Healthcare is the leading producer of jobs in the United States, accounting for almost 16 million jobs as of the end of last year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s an industry that’s ripe with opportunities for driven individuals to excel. So how...

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