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5 Ways To Be A Compelling MPP Candidate

By - Sep 27, 05:09 AM   Comments [0]

Applying to an MPP program means assembling a clear, compelling application that reflects what you value, what you’ve accomplished, and what you aim to do in the future. Here are five tips that can help your application make its mark. 1. Be Genuine. There’s only...

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Entrepreneur to MBA – 7 Tips for Success

By - Sep 20, 08:30 AM   Comments [0]

If you are running or working in a start-up you may often wonder if business school is right for you. While no one knows exactly what is going to fit into your life, here are a few things to think about as you consider whether...

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MBAnalysis: 6 Things that Stop the MBA Admissions Clock

By - Sep 20, 07:28 AM   Comments [0]

If you are reading this article you are probably bleary eyed, as the last minutes to submission deadlines are upon you. For some of you this may mean the light at the end of the tunnel, while for others it may mean a train is...

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October Tips to Get Ready for MBA Round 2 Submissions

By - Sep 20, 06:34 AM   Comments [0]

As many aspiring MBA students are wrapping up Round 1 applications or anxiously awaiting a coveted interview invite, perhaps you haven’t even started yet! Don’t worry. If you use your time wisely, you can have several applications complete and ready to submit before Christmas. Here’s...

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2.7 GPA – Show Stopper for an MBA? No WAY!

By - Sep 19, 08:22 AM   Comments [0]

If your undergraduate performance is dismal (read: under 3.0), is there ANY hope of being accepted into an MBA program? Do the math. Stanford’s Class of ’18 has an average GPA of 3.73. If they were to admit you with a 2.7 GPA, they would...

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BusinessBecause: Hate The MBA Rankings? What Lower-Ranked Business Schools Can Do To Compete

By - Sep 12, 07:05 AM   Comments [0]

by Jonathan Pfeffer Outside the top-ranked elite, b-schools in the US are developing new strategies to stay competitive There’s a feeding frenzy at elite business schools right now with every Stanford, Harvard or Wharton applicant—and there are plenty—sweating bullets that a name brand degree is...

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MBA Application Timing: Tick, Tock…What Do I Do?

By - Sep 11, 09:54 AM   Comments [0]

Should I apply to my top choice MBA programs in Round 1 or Round 2? A few tips to help you make that decision. Over the next ten days, round 1 deadlines for many of the top schools will start piling up. Yale SOM, London...

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London Calling! Five Tips for the LBS Essays

By - Sep 11, 05:55 AM   Comments [0]

What makes the London Business School — the London Business School? In its own words it is continued business impact, global growth, and world-class people. LBS is particularly proud of its global, multi-national student body who hail from a variety of professional backgrounds and of...

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5 Tips for Indian MBA Applicants to Build a Leadership Profile

By - Sep 10, 16:08 PM   Comments [0]

Top US MBA programs value leadership which, for candidates with just a handful of years of work experience, frequently is a result of involvement with community organizations. While community engagement is engrained in American students, many international candidates struggle to present a strong leadership profile....

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TippingtheScales: Top 3 Clichés to Avoid in Your Law School Personal Statement

By - Sep 6, 12:35 PM   Comments [0]

 by Erin Abrams, Stratus Admissions Counseling You’ve taken the LSAT (and hopefully scored well), built a strong academic record in college and pursued internships that prepared you for a career in the law. You are now ready to apply to law school. Bear in mind...

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