Understanding Executive MBA Admissions

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If you are applying to a top executive MBA program, then it'll do you good to know a thing or two about the EMBA admissions process, namely, the competitive benefits and drawbacks of applying to one of the best Executive MBA programs. First,...

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MBA Action Plan, Part 3: Examine Your Leadership Skills and Personal Traits

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The third element you'll need to examine in assessing your qualifications (in addition to your quantitative scores and your work experience) is your personal traits, with leadership skills at the top of the list. This part of your personal assessment is important when...

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How to Save Room on Your Resume: Remove Unneeded Information

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This resume tip comes to us from Igor Khayet, founder of My Resume Shop. As a professional resume writer, one of the most common questions I get asked is how to shorten a resume to one page without losing critical information. The first tip of this...

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MBA Reapplication: Is it for You?

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Most likely, if you've been dinged from all your top choice business programs, you've already considered reapplying next year. Step #1: Analyze why you were rejected first time around and determine what you will do to change the outcome. Can you change your...

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Hone Your MBA Admissions Goals!

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"Begin with the end in mind" intones Stephen Covey, management guru. Indeed a solid MBA goal should drive many of the decisions surrounding your MBA application and education. Watch this video, Hone Your MBA Admissions Goals from Accepted's Eye on Admissions series, to...

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MBA Admissions News Roundup

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Financial Times ran an interesting article on a social media gaming start-up founded by some Harvard Business School alumni. It details the evolution of the company and states that the founders attribute their success to their experience at HBS. However, they also...

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Darden Introduces Concentrations

By - Apr 14, 13:56 PM   Comments [0]

According to a Darden press release, the UVA business school has formally instituted concentrations within its full-time MBA program. MBA students will choose from the following career or theme tracks: Career Tracks: Asset Management/Sales & Trading Corporate Finance/Investment Banking Entrepreneurship Consumer Marketing Business To Business Marketing Supply Chain Management Theme...

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Clear Admit Admissions Tip: Addressing Academic Strengths

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While we devoted time last week to advice on addressing weaknesses in one’s academic record, today we wanted to explore the other side of the issue: the strengths that lie in your undergraduate record. Beyond issues of aptitude or previous achievement, there are a number ...

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MBA Admissions Press Release Round Up

By - Apr 13, 17:53 PM   Comments [0]

Michelle Rogers was recently appointed to oversee full-time admissions at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Business on an interim basis, reports a Kellogg press release. Starting April 29, Rogers will replace Beth Flye, former assistant dean of admissions for the last eight years....

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Four Reasons Why Columbia Business School Is Unique

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We get no shortage of inquiries about Columbia Business School from applicants. You would be surprised, however, by how many applicants don’t really know the school before they apply. We always urge these applicants to go back and do their homework ...

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