Must-Know Tips for Getting into B-School with Low Stats

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If you’re planning to apply to b-school next year and are worried about your GPA, GMAT, or any other potential weak spot in your application, we have great news for you: How to Get Accepted to B-School with Low Stats is now available for watching on-demand! Choosing the...

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NYU Stern’s New Online Masters in Quantitative Management [Episode 306]

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Merging two hot new programs — analytics and management — as well as online delivery so that you don’t need to leave the workforce, NYU Stern has created a new exciting entry in the master’s in management and data analytics space. Let’s learn about it...

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How MBA Adcoms Evaluate Your GPA

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“But my undergrad school was highly competitive…” “But I worked 20 hours a week during college…” “But I was a varsity athlete at a Division I school…” “But even though it took me a couple of years, once I got it together I made dean’s list every semester…” “But...

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How Your Top Choice MBA Program Ranks in Accepted’s Selectivity Index

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This year’s MBA Selectivity Index™ is here! Three years ago, Accepted developed the MBA Selectivity Index to help you apply realistically and effectively to business school. The index takes the most recent U.S. News rankings data and reflects the schools’ average GPA, test scores, and acceptance...

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Assess Your Rejection Before Reapplying to Business Schools

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Pounce on an opportunity to target weaknesses and come back stronger than ever! Photo by Bruno Cervera on Unsplash Rejections are always disheartening. They are especially discouraging when a great deal of time, money, and effort has been invested, like in the MBA application. Psychologists from the University of...

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The Most Important Thing You Can Do This Week If You’re Worried About Your GMAT/GRE

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Applying to b-school is a challenging process – all the more so if you have weaknesses in your profile, such as a low GPA or GMAT score. It’s important to have a strong application strategy and an understanding of the role that low stats play...

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Can You Improve Your B-School Stats In 1 Hour?

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Well, maybe you can’t literally change your numbers – but here’s what an hour of your time can do: You can learn how to understand your stats and their significance for your application, and also (most importantly!) learn how to mitigate low stats in your...

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MBA Admissions Tip: Dealing with a Low GPA

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You want to apply to business school but are worried about your lower-than-ideal GPA. Don’t worry – it’s NOT the end of the world! Explaining a low GPA can be difficult, but it can be done. The first thing you need to do is examine your...

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Do MBA Rankings Matter?

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You’ve defined your goals and assessed your qualifications. Now it’s time to move on to the program research stage of the MBA admissions process. There is a sea of information out there: rankings, books, MBA program websites, MBA fairs, Poets & Quants, student and adcom blogs,...

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How to Apply to B-School with a Low GPA

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Not proud of your undergraduate GPA? Concerned it may ruin your chances of getting into a top MBA program? It’s time to tackle this issue head-on and create a plan for successfully applying to business school with a low GPA. What defines a low GPA? Maybe you’re a...

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