Consortium Interview: How is it Different from other MBA Interviews?

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As expected, our second Consortium Application Strategies Q&A was just as successful as our first, with lots of good questions and loads of new information offered from the Consortium and from participating schools. Here is an excerpt from the chat on Consortium interviews: Linda Abraham: Juan asks,...

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MBA Interview Tips from Someone Who’s Been There

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Jeremy C. Wilson, an MBA-JD student at Northwestern Kellogg, recently posted MBA interview tips on his blog in “Applicant Question: Tips for MBA Admissions Interviews.” They are worth checking out, especially since Round 2 interviews will be here before you know it. His first two...

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LBS Sloan Fellows Guru Interview

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During my recent visit to London, I spent the morning at London Business School. I have several posts worth of thoughts and material. The first one will focus on the Sloan Fellows program at LBS. I spoke interviewed Balbir Guru, Recruitment and Admissions Manager, Sloan...

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Clear Admit Admissions Tip: Interviewing the Interviewer

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We’ve been offering a good deal of advice lately on how to conduct oneself and prepare responses to MBA interview questions.  Today we’d like to highlight the importance of thinking about what you might ask. Virtually all business school interviewers conclude their discussion by offering...

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CMU Tepper Admissions Director Interview Posted Online

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Our CMU Tepper Q&A proved to be yet another admissions interview success. If you made it to the event we hope you enjoyed it. If you were unable to attend the live webinar, you can review the Q&A transcript or listen to the audio on...

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Clear Admit Admissions Tip: MBA Interview Prep

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With interview invitations from a number of programs already on their way out to Round One applicants, we wanted to offer some more advice on this element of the admissions process. Today, we turn our attention to some steps one can take to prepare for...

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An Insider’s Perspective on Columbia Business School

By - Nov 26, 10:18 AM   Comments [1]

There are a lot of MBA aficionados roaming the Knewton office, so we recently sat down with David Liu, our Chief Operating Officer and a Columbia Business School grad, to talk to him about his MBA experience. Q: Why did you choose Columbia Business School? What...

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Clear Admit Admissions Tip: MBA Interview Etiquette

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With interview invites going out for Round One applicants, we wanted to turn our attention to this important step in the admissions process and share a few very basic pointers on interview etiquette. Though the content of your application materials and comments during the interview...

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7 Tips to Help You Ace Your MBA Interview

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Congratulations! You've been invited to interview at your top-choice school! All that hard work that went into composing the perfect application paid off; now it's time to move to the next stage. Here are some tips to help your interview prep progress smoothly and effectively: Take...

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How to impress admission officers with your knowledge about their school

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By Chris Aitken, MBA Prep School, Co-Founder One question that comes up again and again is some variation of "What are the best ways to do in-depth research about schools and their programs?" Most candidates will tackle this by visiting the school's website and/or reading the...

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