Extra-curriculars in MBA Admissions

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In "Extracurriculars: The Extras That Count" BusinessWeek's Francesca Di Meglio explores the role extracurriculars play in admissions decisions.  (I'm quoted) A few highlights: To add breadth and multiple dimensions to your profile, discuss your activities outside of work. These activities do not have to be altruistic or exotic. The...

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Admissions News: Duke’s New MM, WL Chat Transcript, Moms in Business

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A few admissions news items from this week: Duke's Fuqua School of Business will offer a master's program aimed at recent graduates with little or no work experience starting in August 2009. The program will provide a Masters in Management Studies ("MMS") and consist of 12...

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Lincoln’s Leadership Among Rivals

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The uber-attribute of admissions is leadership. Yes schools want to see intelligence and achievement, but when discussing personal qualities, leadership is at the top of every admissions professional's Most Wanted List. You can read volumes about leaders and leadership -- good and bad. I just finished...

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6 To-Do’s if Waitlisted and Upcoming MBA Waitlist Chats

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Maverick of the "En Route to MBA" blog gives excellent advice to waitlisted MBA applicants in his recent post "Waitlist -> Admit - How?" based on his experience getting accepted from the Carey waitlist.  (Congrats Maverick!) Maverick refers to a "waitlist appointment" in his post.  If you...

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Access this Blog on Your Mobile

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Stuck on a train or bus? Would you like to read this blog when on the go? (but not driving.) And do you even want it to look nice on your Iphone, Blackberry, or PDA of choice? Now you can have it all. The Accepted Admissions...

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MBA in Finance: Forget It? No!

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Regular readers of this blog know that last Thursday I started a short series, "MBA in Finance: Forget It?" I posed a less provocative version of that question to several admissions directors and with their permission posted their responses. While their replies varied and emphasized different...

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2010 MBA Admissions Telethon Reminder

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The first 2010 MBA Admissions Telethon is this Wednesday. Anyone (first-time applicant or reapplicant) applying next fall is welcome to participate this Wednesday March 4 between 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PT/4:00 PM – 6:00 PM ET / 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM GMT. Ahh,...

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Business School Interview Guide for MBA Applicants

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Why the Interview? Many admissions experts believe the interview to be one of the most critical components of the MBA application process. It is an opportunity for the admissions team to get to know the real you, evaluate your fit into the program, and of course...

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4 Key Questions for 2010 MBA Applicants

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And the envelope please... Oh that's for the Academy Awards in April. I'm too early. :-/ But not too early to start helping you with next fall's applications. In any case, the questions are : What are your post-MBA goals? It may seem a premature question at...

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Recruiting Drops at Business Schools

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The Wall St. Journal continues the drum beat of bad news. Recruiting is down at business schools. A survey by the MBA Career Services Council, an association of business school career offices, reveals: 56% of surveyed career office representatives -- a significant jump over the fall figure of...

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