GMAT Question of the Day (February 24)

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Math Project A requires $2000 of investment and promises a return of % per year. Project B requires $3000 of investment and promises a return of % per year. If the yearly return from project B is 50% greater than that from...

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GMAT Question of the Day (February 23)

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Math A rectangular floor measures 2 by 3 meters. There are 5 white, 5 black, and 5 red parquet blocks available. If each block measures 1 by 1 meter, in how many different color patterns can the floor be parqueted? A. 104 B. 213 C. 577 D. 705 E. 726 Question Discussion...

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¿Cuál MBA es el Mejor Para Tí?

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El MBA es hoy en día, y desde hace más de 50 años, el título de post-grado más popular y más rentable del mundo; es por eso que cada año cientos de miles de personas solicitan admisión a programas de MBA. Cada vez existen más...

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Executives Weigh in on the Value of an MBA

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Are you thinking about pursuing an MBA for career advancement, personal development, or a career switch? While the degree can be a transformational experience changing everything about your life, it’s more typically a tool to polish existing skills, build your network or expose you to...

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What’s Life Like as a Darden MBA and Entrepreneur? [Episode 194]

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Our guests today are both 2nd year MBA students at Darden who founded their start-up at the beginning of their MBA program. We’ll learn more in a minute, but a little background first. Maximilian Huc graduated from Princeton in 2013 with a BA in sociology....

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Do I Really Need a Mock Admissions Interview? [Short Video]

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Just how important is a mock interview if you have a graduate school admissions interview coming up? Listen to Linda Abraham's 2-minute answer to this often-asked question. Related Resources: • MBA Mock Interview Package • Medical School Mock Interview Package • Law School Mock Interview Package • Grad School Mock Interview...

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GMAT Test Dates | 2016, 2017, 2018 and Beyond!

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If you are planning to apply to full-time MBA programs next year to start classes in the next 12-18 months, this is the perfect time to start preparing for your GMAT test date. Even if you aren’t planning to apply for another few years, it’s...

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Business Schools Integrate Data Science Into Curriculum

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Kaplan’s latest survey of admissions officers shows data science skills are in demand. While a recent survey suggests MBA programs are taking in-demand tech skills like data science more seriously, a new rankings list evaluates the expected annual salaries of top business school grads. This and...

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“What Next….” Is Graduate School For You?

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I was grading midterm exams in my office one frigid day in March when I was surprised to see Marco, a former student, standing in my doorway. He had that all too familiar “deer in headlights” look on his face. I invited him to step...

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GMAT Grammar | Possessive Case

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Sentence correction questions often involve multiple issues. Stick to the ones you are sure of when solving them. However, if you can add new tools to your toolbox by learning rules you were unaware of, you are on the right track.

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