Prep for the new year with the GMAT® Official Guides 2018 – available in eBook + Online (The Official GMAT Blog)

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Ready to start prepping in the new year? Consider the GMAT® Official Guides 2018 – now with instant access. 

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Darden Announces Full Scholarship for Indonesian Students

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business has announced the Indonesia Fellowship, which will give full financial support to select MBA applicants from Indonesia. The fellowship is funded by the Rainbow Foundation, an organization based in Jakarta. Besides tuition and fees, the...

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GMAT Question of the Day (January 11)

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Math Out of 320 people, 75% like talk-show 1 and 65% of the people who like talk-show 1 also like talk-show 2. If there are no people who like talk-show 2 but do not like talk-show 1, how many of the 320 people do not like...

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GMAT Score for UCLA Anderson School of Management

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The UCLA Anderson School of Management offers four MBA programs: a full-time MBA, a fully-employed MBA, an Executive MBA, and a Global Executive MBA. Below, we’ll be examining their most popular degree, the full-time UCLA MBA, including information on the curriculum, the application process, and...

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What Should You Do If You Belong to an Overrepresented MBA Applicant Group?

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I recently received a question – or more of a complaint – from a client who was concerned with his status as an Indian male working in IT. This individual was considering changing his location on his application – he was born, raised, and still...

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18 Venture Capitalists Join HBS’s Inaugural VC Partner Program

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Harvard Business School’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship has named 18 people to its inaugural group of Rock Venture Capital Partners, who provide in-person mentoring and advice to HBS student entrepreneurs. The Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, which has earned accolades as the top provider in the nation of...

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GMAT Question of the Day (January 10)

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Math 2 laptops and 6 desktops were bought for office needs. If a laptop is twice as expensive as a desktop, what percent of the money was spent on laptops? A. 30 B. 40 C. 48 D. 50 E. 60 Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - A - (click and drag your mouse to...

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The Bigger Picture: The Opposite of Comfortable

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January. It’s still a new year. Full of possibility. So many plans, so many dreams. 2018 has 8,760 hours and we have only used up about 216. Yup, believe it or not, more than 200 hours have already slipped by. 8,544 hours to go. What will you do...

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How to Stay Within Essay Word Limits by Reducing Verbal Verbosity

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Most applicants – whether applying to med school, law school, business school, or any other grad school or college program – need to deal with rigid character or word limits when writing their application essays or personal statements. You may start out thinking that you...

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Three MBA Application Poisons and Their Antidotes [Video]

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You need to write impressive MBA application essays if you want to grab the attention of the admissions readers and snag a coveted interview invite (and then actually score a seat in the next class). But what should you write about? What shouldn’t you write...

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