Should I get a master’s degree? The ROI of going to grad school.

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Unemployment is currently hovering around 3.8 percent nationwide, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the underemployment rate, or the number of people working in jobs that require skills or qualifications below their current education level, is 7.2 percent. These numbers are even higher...

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How Thanos Can Help You Write a Powerful Personal Statement

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          You Don't Need Infinity Stones to Get Into Your Dream School...    Over at, we’re putting together a short series of videos on how you can use effective storytelling techniques to make your personal statement more engaging. We decided to create this series in...

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Bloomberg Businessweek 2019 MBA Rankings

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Bloomberg Businessweek released the 2019-2020 Best Business School Rankings earlier this week. Personal MBA Coach would like to share our thoughts on the latest rankings and business school rankings in general. According to Bloomberg, “The Bloomberg Businessweek 2019-20 Best B-Schools ranking is based on 26,804 survey...

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Wharton Releases 2019 Employment Report

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions We know that admissions to a B-school like University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is competitive. That much can be seen from Wharton’s latest class profile, which came out earlier this fall. But for those students who do rise to the top of the...

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Is an MBA Still Relevant? Definitely, According to These B-School Deans

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Are you contemplating an MBA for career advancement, personal development, or a career switch? You may have mixed feelings as a result of news stories covering the recent dip in applications. You might ask yourself, is an MBA still relevant? We know b-school hopefuls love...

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Fortuna Admissions has compiled the results of the big five MBA rankings of the last 12 months to produce the ninth edition of the Fortuna Ranking of MBA Rankings 2019. Every year we combine the results of the MBA rankings published by US News, the Financial Times,...

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Four Tips for Writing a Powerful Failure Essay!

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       Show the AdCom that you can get up off the mat!   The “failure” essay can feel like one of the most daunting and fraught parts of your application. After all, the purpose of your application is to convince the reader that you are an...

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Surviving Your First Ding

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Last month, some elite business schools sent out their Round 1 interview invitations, along with “release” notices to the majority of applicants. That means thousands of MBA hopefuls around the world recently received their first big fat DING. While some people can easily shrug off this...

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UPenn Wharton’s Team-Based Discussion (TBD) Interview

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Since shaking up the MBA interview process in 2012 with its innovative group discussion, The Wharton School at Penn has continued to further refine their process by tweaking the question and focus of the group interview. This year, applicants are put in groups and asked to answer...

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Identifying and Articulating Fit with the Booth MBA: How Will You Contribute to the Booth Community?

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The Booth MBA admissions committee focuses on three key dimensions in evaluating applicants: Intellectual fit in terms of ability and motivation to optimize its CurriculumPersonal and cultural fit in terms of synergy with its CommunityProfessional fit in terms of past and future Career This short series of posts will explore...

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