Your MBA Goal: "Application" vs. "Admission"?

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Business school applicants can get so focused on completing and submitting applications that they forget that the ultimate objective is admission. It's not enough to just answer the questions and click the mouse. Serious applicants understand that success demands much more.   The key is to examine,...

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GMAT Question of the Day (May 11)

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Math Foodmart customers regularly buy at least one of the following products: milk, chicken, or apples. 60% of shoppers buy milk, 50% buy chicken, and 35% buy apples. If 10% of the customers buy all 3 products, what percentage of Foodmart customers purchase exactly 2 of...

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What to do when you are not doing well

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I’m so confused.

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What to Do Between Now and Round 1 Deadlines

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If you plan to apply to MBA programs this fall, you have a little more than four months until the first Round 1 deadlines hit. What’s one of the most important things you can do between now and then? Get a few more leadership experiences...

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7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should go to Business School

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Should entrepreneurs get an MBA? This question has long been debated withstrong arguments for and against the idea that entrepreneurs need an MBA. When we consider many successful entrepreneurs around the world many of them do not have an MBA yet they have been...

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A Nigerian’s Women’s Journey to MIT Sloan Acceptance

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This interview is the latest in an blog series featuring interviews with current MBA students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at top MBA programs. And now for an interview with Ginika Agbim O'Kelly... Accepted:  We’d like to get to know you! Where are you from? Where and what...

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Magoosh Guide To The TOEFL eBook

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Feeling overwhelmed by the TOEFL test? Don’t know where to start? Or have you taken the test 5 times before and just need a quick refresher before you take it for (hopefully!) the last time? Either way, it can be tough to find quality resources that...

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MBA Admissions A-Z: E Is For Essay

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4 Common MBA Application Essay Mistakes Here we are going to focus on 4 critical MBA admission essay mistakes. Make sure that your essays DON’T include any of these: 1. Buzzwords Try this on for size: “I plan on penetrating the B2C e-commerce bubble by starting my own...

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AIGAC 8th Annual Conference – Reflections # AIGAC 15

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AIGAC’s 8th annual conference took place at London Business School (March 30 and March 31) with visits to HEC Paris (March 26), INSEAD (March 27), and Cambridge Judge Business School (April 1). The conference was an extremely rewarding and enriching experience for me. Interactive training...

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Stanford GSB 2015-2016 Deadlines, Essay Questions

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The Stanford Graduate School of Business has announced the application deadlines and essay questions for the MBA Class of 2018. Round One Deadline Application Due: September 22, 2015 Decision: December 9, 2015 Round Two Deadline Application Due: January 12, 2016 Decision: March 30, 2016 Round Three Deadline Application Due: April 5, 2016 Decision: May...

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