6 Tips for Talking About Your Weaknesses

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How do you react when you read/hear the weakness question? With this question, schools are assessing how well you self evaluate. Like a business problem, they want to hear your plan of action, your implementation, and your success rate. Here are some tips to help you...

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GMAT Question of the Day (October 9)

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Math What will be the percentage increase in the area of a circle if the perimeter of the circle grows by 10% ? A. 20% B. 21% C. 36% D. 40% E. 44%   Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - B - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Verbal The energy source on Voyager...

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Former Investment Bankers, Current Admissions Experts [Episode 227]

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About a year ago I received an email from someone interested in working for Accepted. She had admissions office experience, an MBA from a top business school, and investment banking experience on Wall Street and in Hong Kong. About a week later, I received another email...

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Indian School of Business MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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For MBA aspirants who want to build or advance their careers in India, the Indian School of Business PGP program offers excellent preparation. While there was a significant drop in the class of 2017’s rate of international job offers (down from 101 to just 12...

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MBAnalysis: You’re Just Not Their Type

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Do business schools have “types?” Meaning, are there shared characteristics that are common among all students? The short answer is yes. But it is more nuanced than that. What you think is their type may not be their type at all. So how does this...

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3 Signs Your MBA Application Should Wait Until Round 2

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This post originally appeared on Stacy’s ‘Strictly Business’ MBA blog on U.S. News Round one or round two – deciding when to apply for business school can weigh heavily on many applicants’ minds. In the world of b-school admissions, there’s definitely a lot of pressure for candidates to try to submit...

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International Student? How Will You Pay for Your Degree?

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If you’re an international student considering graduate study in the US, it’s easy to be daunted by the financial side of things. You’re bound to have questions – what types of financial aid are you eligible for? Will you need a cosigner for private loans?...

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Forbes Releases 2017 Ranking of Best Business Schools

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Is it worth it to pursue an MBA, especially when the cost of tuition and lost wages can be more than $300,000? Most prospective MBAs apply to school planning to make a career change and/or obtain a higher salary. Forbes’ tenth biennial rankings of the...

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When MBA Candidates Should Retake the GMAT: 3 Factors to Consider

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions MBA candidates typically approach admissions tests in one of two ways: either they determine their target schools first and then take and retake the GMAT (or GRE) until they have a competitive score; or they take the test first in order to...

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Math Revolution Free Diagnostic Test ($19 worth)

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Math Revolution’s unbeatable diagnostic test! Evaluate your exact math skills now! You cannot discover your true math skills if you just practice CAT based test sets from other sources. GMAT Math has to be strategic, selective and focused. After knowing your exact math skills, it is...

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