GMAT Question of the Day (February 10)

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Math If 4 small boxes and 5 big boxes weigh the same as 11 small boxes and 2 big boxes, how much does one small box weigh? (1) One big box weighs 1 kg more than one small box. (2) The ratio of the weight of one small...

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Don’t YOU Want to Get Accepted to INSEAD?

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Well then you need to hurry up and register for our webinar, Get Accepted to INSEAD, which airs live next week! Mark your calendars: Date: Wednesday, February 15th Time: 10am PT/1pm ET Don’t miss this chance to get the tips and tools you need to boost your chances of...

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Mock Wharton Team-Based Discussion Anyone?

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"Chance favors the prepared mind" said Louis Pasteur, and I agree. Don't leave your Wharton Team-Based Discussion to fickle chance. Prepare for it with Accepted's Mock Wharton Team-Based Discussion. This is a prime-time rehearsal. Details and prices are here. A participant in one of our past mock...

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When Global Business is the Goal [Episode 192]

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Before we introduce today’s guest I want to invite you to our newest webinar, Get Accepted to INSEAD, which will be held on Feb 15 at 10 AM PT/1 pm ET/ 6 PM CET. This is the latest addition to our “Get Accepted to” webinar...

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Do These 4 Exercises Now to Crystallize Your Post-MBA Career Path

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These days, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who stays with one company or even one industry throughout his or her entire professional life. If you’re looking for the fast track to gain the skills and network to launch your career in a new...

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GMAT Question of the Day (February 9)

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Math If a car went the first third of the distance at 80 kmh, the second third at 24 kmh, and the last third at 48 kmh, what was the average speed of the car for the entire trip? A. 36 kmh B. 40 kmh C. 42 kmh D. 44...

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What Does The GMAT Really Measure?

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The GMAT, as you probably know, is a standardized exam used by business schools to help them assess the qualifications of candidates for advanced study in business and management (primarily MBA, but it’s also used for PhD applicants). On you’ll read that “The GMAT exam...

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Randall Sawyer

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`As the former Assistant Dean of Admissions, Financial Aid and Inclusion at the Johnson School at Cornell University, Randall has reviewed and made decisions on more than 10,000 MBA applications. Beyond helping students produce great applications and memorable interviews, he delights in helping them to...

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A Real INSEAD Interview Experience

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INSEAD takes a different approach to the interview than many other top schools. All interviews are conducted by alumniYou'll have two interviews (with two alumni selected based on their backgrounds)Interviews can be longer (over one hour is common)Interviews are not blind In general, applicants tend to describe...

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5 Tips for Harvard Business School Applicants

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Harvard Business School is famously difficult to get into, but don’t let low acceptance rates keep you from applying if this is truly your dream MBA program. In a recent post to the school’s MBA Voices Blog, six recent or soon-to-be graduates offer their advice for future...

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