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GMAT Below 720? Get Accepted!

ARINGO has helped hundreds of people with GMAT scores below 720 get accepted to the top MBA programs by bringing out the real person behind the application. Founded by a former Wharton Admissions Committee Member, we know what the top business schools are looking for, and we will help make sure that your strengths will emerge in your application.

ARINGO Consulting Group Provides you with:

> ARINGO helps candidates with GMAT scores below 720 get into the top-10 MBA programs.
> Free initial assessment
> Admission rate higher by 50% on average than normal admission rates for the top programs
> Round Table Strategy

ARINGO’s clients have been accepted at Harvard (MBA) with GMAT scores of 580, 660 and 670; at Wharton with GMAT scores of 640, 660 and 670; at Duke with GMAT scores of 600 and 640; at INSEAD with GMAT scores of 630, 640 and 650; at MIT with GMAT scores of 660 and 680; at LBS with GMAT scores of 630, 650 and 660; at Kellogg with GMAT scores of 640 and 680, and many more…

See the “Ask ARINGO” forum thread (and get a free profile evaluation) at GMAT Club here.

ARINGO Video: A top MBA with a GMAT Score < 720. Part 1

ARINGO Video: A top MBA with a GMAT Score < 720. Part 2

Ready to get started? Sign up with ARINGO, make sure and tell them GMAT Club sent you, and get started with your admissions process today!

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discount from ARINGO

ARINGO is excited to offer a discount to the GMAT Club community - Register to save on the ARINGO Consulting Group.

ARINGO Packages Include:
  • Roundtable Strategies
  • Free Initial Assessment
  • High Percentage Admission Rates

    Here's how to sign up:

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    Upon initial inquiry of admissions consulting services on the phone or online, please indicate that you have been referred by GMAT Club.

    ARINGO will provide the appropriate discount upon indication of a GMAT Club referral.