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About MBA House Admission Consulting Services

MBA House’s philosophy is centered on building deep and collaborative relationships with students. By knowing them better than they know themselves, we are able to give them the personalized coaching they need to be accepted into top MBA programs. We do this by integrating all phases of MBA preparation including daily GMAT classes, private tutoring, school selection and fit, essay review and interview practice. We make a commitment to our students to help them every step of the way in fulfilling their dreams.

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Why MBA House

Personalized GMAT Prep
MBA House works on a small scale: one student at a time. You’ll receive a personalized study plan that will be revised and modified as you progress through the course. Along the way, you’ll have unlimited access to private tutoring to make sure you’re clear on the fine points of theory.

Support from Start to Finish
Our Admission consulting begins with brainstorm sessions where everything is laid on the table and open to discussion. We´ll talk about your career goals, the stories that will make you stand out, and the best schools to meet your needs. After we’ve built the foundation, we help you develop your essays to show the best of you, always providing support on all the other elements that go into a perfect application.

The Complete Package
Our Coaches don’t just revise essays. We´ll define strategy, discuss what schools are best for you and question whether your career goals are right for each institution. We analyze your resume, discuss the best recommenders to select and teach you how to research each school so that you can communicate “fit” throughout your whole application.

Personal Development
Essay writing is a time for reassessment. Your essays need to be a reflection of who you are, one that simultaneously communicates the professional that you can become. When you first sit down with the MBA House Admissions Coaches, you may not have the answers to all these questions. Throughout the process we help you discover yourself and write essays you didn’t know you could write. Most of our students end the process by thanking us for teaching them so much about themselves.

Essay Revision
The essays are where your candidature comes to life. You will be judged how well you explain what you’ve done, how well you know the school you’re applying to, and how realistic yet audacious your dreams are. Our Writing Coaches will help you shape up your paragraphs and find introductions that will catch people’s attention, while the Career Coach ensures the story is on the right track. You’ll maximize your impact, identifying your best material and learning how to put it in the right light.

Flexible Solutions
Whether you need serious support or just a little polish, we can create a service that is right for you. We can work on short deadlines, but an essay is like a good bottle of wine- it grows richer and more complex when it has time to develop. We prefer working with our candidates over long stretches, creating a relationship and making sure that all the details are in place when the time comes to submit.

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