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Try the below questions for practice – and then click on the corresponding video to see an explanation of the answer.

Question 1

For all x and y, (x+1)(y+1) - x - y =

(A) xy - x - y + 1
(B) xy + 1
(C) x^2 + y^2 - 1
(D) 1 - x - y
(E) 1

Question 2

In a colony of 1,500 lemmings, exactly 30 lemmings are variegated. If one lemming is chosen at random from the colony, what is the probability that it is not variegated?

(A) \frac{1}{150}
(B) \frac{1}{50}
(C) \frac{1}{30}
(D) \frac{29}{30}
(E) \frac{49}{50}

Question 3

Carrie will go to college if she (will find, finds, has found) enough money to cover tuition.
Rocio had been living in Bogota for ten years when she (had decided, will have decided, decided) to leave.

Question 4

If x is an even integer and y is an odd integer, which of the following is an odd integer?

(A) x^3y^2
(B) 1 - y
(C) 2y - x
(D) 5x + y^2
(E) 2x + y - 3

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