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Odds of meeting your spouse in b-school, GMAT journey from 490 to 700 – GMAT Club forum

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What are the odds of meeting your spouse in Business School? Read answers from our members in this thread. GMAT journey from 490 to 700. Read an inspirational thread here. Regards, GMAT Club team

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“Non-traditional” MBA grads, low Kaplan GMAT simulation test score – GMAT Club forum

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Not all MBAs are i-bankers or consultants. Some MBA grads follow a different career path. Read more. Poor performance on Kaplan GMAT simulation tests shouldn't let you down. More info in our forum. Good luck with your interviews, GMAT Club team

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GMAT preparation for newbies, placing an image in your application essay – GMAT Club forum

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GMAT preparation guidelines for newbies are posted in this thread. You might also want to check out our GMAT Knowledge Vault for more valuable resources. Do you want to place an image in your b-school application essay? Read why this is sometimes a good idea. Regards, GMAT Club...

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780 GMAT scorer’s debrief, internship hunt – GMAT Club forum

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Read a debrief from a 780 GMAT scorer in our forum. Current MBA students will find this thread about summer internships helpful. Regards, GMAT Club team

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Importance of your interview, news from current MBA students, GRE to GMAT comparison tool

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Interesting forum threads follow: How important is your interview compared to other business school application parts? Read more here. Find out how school is going for your fellow GMAT Clubbers in this thread. You may also find useful one of the latest tools developed by ETS. This tool...

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Essay word limits, business attire, 700+ GMAT scorers

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Here are some threads from the GMAT Club forum that you might like: How do you treat essay word limits? Your feedback is welcome here. What will you wear for your interviews? Read what fellow business school applicants prefer: ladies, guys. How many GMAT Clubbers scored 700+ in...

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