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Bloomberg Exam Prep The quickest way to get into your dream MBA

Get your best possible GMAT score in record speed, thanks to our adaptive learning technology, premium content, and elite tutors.

For a limited time, take advantage of Bloomberg Prep’s COVID-19 Assistance Plans:

COVID-19 Deposit Plan
Valid for 3 months, this plan is designed to help financially impacted students who commit to completing our program prior to taking the GMAT exam. Pay just two $200 refundable deposits, the second of which is waived if you refer one other student to one of our paid plans.
This plan includes:
• 10 Ask-a-tutor questions
• 1 Live 1-to-1 tutor session
• 3 Practice exams
• 1 Essay marking
• Full access from mobile devices

COVID-19 Weekly Plan
Our most affordable and flexible plan, the COVID-19 Weekly Plan costs just $49 per week. Pay as you go and cancel your plan whenever needed. All extra academic support like tutoring sessions and practice exams are available as add-ons.

Bloomberg Exam Prep’s GMAT course offers adaptive learning technology, premium content, and elite tutoring to help you achieve your best possible GMAT score. You’ll have access to micro-lessons covering the entire GMAT curriculum, 5,000+ practice questions, and up to 7 simulation exams, all at your own pace. Our AI software acts as a personal tutor, analyzing your performance as you progress and personalizing its content recommendations to address your target learning areas.

Each of our three plans is backed by the industry-leading score guarantee: complete the course and get up to a 100+ point score increase over your previous score, or receive 100% of your money back.

Best of all, you can sign up today for a free, 7-day trial without even entering your credit card information.

Key Features


All the Material You Need

Micro-lessons covering the entire curriculum, up to 7 simulation exams, and over 5,000 practice questions. No need to buy anything else!


Adaptive Learning

Our AI software analyzes your performance and adapts its recommendations to focus on your target areas. The more you study, the more customized it becomes.


One-on-One Tutoring

Schedule live, personal tutoring from our elite GMAT instructors. Discuss your progress and problem areas, and get personalized strategies that are based on your entire learning history.


Get Expert Answers

Struggling with a difficult concept? No problem! Use our Ask-a-Tutor messaging system for personalized explanations from an expert GMAT tutor.


Industry-Leading Score Guarantee

Get 100% of your money back if you complete* our course and get a lower score than guaranteed in your plan, up to 100 points and 25 percentiles increase!

Our pricing

Bloomberg Exam Prep

Complete Prep


Valid for 3 months
80+ point improvement*
5 Ask-a-tutor questions
1 Live 1-to-1 tutor sessions
3 Practice exams
No Essay markings

Bloomberg Exam Prep

Premium Prep


Valid for 4 months
90+ point improvement*
25 Ask-a-tutor questions
2 Live 1-to-1 tutor sessions
5 Practice exams
3 Essay markings

Bloomberg Exam Prep

Ultimate Prep


Valid for 6 months
100+ point improvement*
400 Ask-a-tutor questions
10 Live 1-to-1 tutor sessions
7 Practice exams
20 Essay markings

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