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Critical Square Expertise, passion, and integrity in everything we do.

Critical Square Your Total Savings $500

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$500 Up to $500 in savings off Critical Square admissions consulting packages of 3 schools or above. $150 off 3+ school Tactical Packages, $300 off 3+ school Strategic Packages, and $500 off 3+ school Comprehensive Packages

About Us

At Critical Square, we’re proud of what drives us and the impact we have. We have a responsibility to each and every applicant. In fact, we’ve designed our entire firm around giving you the best possible results and experience. Our commitment to you is unparalleled.

Behind every success story at Critical Square is a friendship between an applicant and one of our consultants. We provide a level of care and trust that is beyond genuine. This is what truly sets Critical Square apart and it comes with some great benefits. It lets us get to know you at a fundamental level –we learn about what makes you tick and where you’re headed. You’re a complex, passionate, and intelligent person and we are excited to partner with you through this process –frankly, we’re honored!

At Critical Square, we have a simple goal: to enable yours.

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Our Services

Hourly Services
Essay Editing
Resume Editing
Launch Critical
Interview Prep
Waitlist service
Ding Review

Critical Square is a firm founded on one simple principle: each candidate is unique.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the way we go about helping clients hasn’t changed one bit and that’s because our process delivers results. We’re more than just admissions consultants.

We’re mentors and friends as well and that’s at the heart of everything we do. Your goals and passions are what make you unique and we work with you to put together the perfect application that conveys that.

We don’t write your essays for you or give you materials to leverage, because that isn’t fair and that isn’t you. But we stand by you every step of the way to make sure you’re prepared to navigate a complex and important process.


Why? Because this process is complicated and expensive enough without having to buy a dozen different guides.

Grab a cup of coffee and let's go!

Common Questions | Awesome Answers

School Profiles

How to Choose MBA Programs

What Adcoms Look For

We don’t hold the knowledge and experience we’ve earned in this business under lock and key. Enjoy these free MBA application resources!


In sub-Saharan Africa, 24 million girls can’t afford to attend school. We think that’s an absolute travesty.

5% of every dollar we make is donated to Camfed-They’re amazing, accountable, and transparent.

Want to help ?

The money you donate comes off your bill!* Together we can make an impact!

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Critical Square Success Stories

Great value
for money!

CS even exceeded my initial expectations. I was invited to interview and lately was not admitted to INSEAD, but I barely think it was due to my essays. They were really strong and shine brightly.

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Honest and Direct
Opinions from Well
Informed Consultants

I chose another firm to work with on my Round 1 applications – after all, they seemed to have good reviews. It was a costly mistake - 0 for 8 in Round 1 with the Top 15 schools (not even one interview invite). After a demoralizing Round 1, I decided to take the advice of a trusted acquaintance and utilize the services of Critical Square for Round 2. Hands down the best decision of my life!

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From WLed
to Scholarship...

I've already suggested Critical Square to several peers and would strongly recommend applicants spend the extra cash. It's a wise investment. A few thousand dollars now might result in tens of thousands of dollars in awarded scholarships. Thanks to Critical Square - it did for me.

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Critical Square
Crushed It

Do I think I would have gotten into a school without my consultant? Maybe. Do I think I would have felt as confident about getting into my top choices without my consultant? Definitely not. If you are considering a consultant, I highly, highly, highly, recommend Critical Square.

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Total Savings
GET the Best Discount UB

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