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Sia Admissions Maximize Admissions Success

One-on-One Consulting committed to success

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Why Sia?


Why Sia?

Sia Admissions delivers one-on-one consulting services in navigating all aspects of the admissions application, for both U.S. and international students applying to U.S universities. Committed to success, we operate with the premise that each client has a unique story to tell. Our goal is to coach our clients to present that story in a meaningful way, building a profile that is sympathetic to the student's ambitions while weaving the University's mission with its admissions criteria, ensuring each submission has the highest probability of acceptance. Because of the service-level we provide at Sia Admissions Consulting, we take on a limited number of clients each year. We provide best in-class service, and take great pride in the success of our clients; therefore, it is equitable that we take only those that we can work with effectively.


We partner in making the goals of our clients our priority. Our aim is to help discover, craft, develop a game plan, and manage the application process in all its intricacies.


We work closely with clients to gain insight into all aspects of their story. Understanding the story means that we have a retrospective, an introspective, and a forward-looking process that enables us to help clients bring to light and understand both macro and micro ambitions and goals, and how grad school might help them get there.

Game Plan

Multiple factors go into putting together a personalized game plan. After the discovery period, we take into account our client's other commitments and responsibilities as well as the time needed to submit a stellar application and create internal and external deadlines to keep on track. We are beside you every step of the way!


Diligence and consistency are allies. Therefore, we regularly and constantly read and re-read our client's application(s) until all areas come together enabling them to submit a cohesive admissions package.

Sia Admissions Packages


A package for those who:

  • Are seeking to submit top-notch custom SOPs for multiple schools
  • Do not require help with their resume, LOR, or interview (still available a-la-carte)
  • Want to receive individual service and personal contact that goes beyond the initial brainstorming session (online/email and over the phone)

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This package is for those that:

  • Are seeking to submit top-notch, custom MBA packages to school(s), and desire comprehensive coaching and assistance
  • Seeking to leverage the full strength and experience of Sia Admissions by receiving individual services and personal contact (virtual, email, and telephone) throughout all aspects of the application process
  • Require focused attention on all aspects of the MBA application, including resume, LOR, and interview prep

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Sia Admission's success stories from GMATClubbers

A New York based Private Equity Associate, Harvard Business School

I had been working with another admissions consultant on numerous applications and found myself frustrated with their lack of engagement. Harvard Business School was my top choice and I reached out to Susan sensing it would...

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H.W., PhD candidate at University of Cambridge

The help and support I received every step of the way from Susan surpassed expectations. Her assistance was invaluable in my grad-school application.

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