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100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0

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100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0 [#permalink]

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New post 14 Jul 2014, 03:41
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100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0

Are you familiar with the GMAT Club's timer? We have pulled timer results from our database and analyzed every question in the forum. Based on those results, we have compiled a list of the hardest questions in each of the question forums we have. Below I am presenting to you the top 100 questions from SC forum.

100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions
RankSentence Correction Questions
1The data being collected in the current geological survey
2In the field of eugenics, geneticists have thoroughly
3First published in 1946, and comparing the ways the world
4Examples of "tulipomania," a term coined from the tulip craz
5The zoning commission has countered that its consultation
6Having extracted the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes from human DNA to
7The controversy has divided the Senate, caused strains in
8The paradox of the Roman empires history is marked by the
9There is a difference in the way the term turnover and the
10Before converting to Christianity and..(Four Commas)
11Source: Master GMAT The word inspired is used often by
12A 2009 study from the California State Housing Authority
13It is no surprise that Riyadh, the Saudi capital where peopl
14Verbal Diagnostic Test No : 7 – SC Q No:4
15Whereas lines of competition are clearly defined in the more
16According to his own account, Schoenberg, in his String Trio
17Q.The rules may require 1,000 or more makers of drugs,
18The preliminary agreement to what was to be ...
19A study done on children under the age of twelve showed that
20For Ralph Waldo Emerson, transcendentalism was his professed
21Ending a contentious political stalemate that frightened
22Unlike birds, which are highly sensitive to atmospheric pres
23The people of the ancient Near
24In assessing the problems faced by rural migrant workers,
25Classical guitar was neither prestigious nor was often
26The compositions of Claude Debussy are known for their
27Manifestations of the British Empire's colonial policy in
28There is a difference in the way the term turnover and the
29Verbal Diagnostic Test No : 6 – SC Q No:5
30The anthology Georgian Poetry was named to give the
31The manager at the office supply store believes that the new
32While airline travel can be detrimental to your health
33Cherapunji receives more rainfalls than any other site of
34The misnomer that sibling rivalry is a thing of the 'past'
35Until 2010, a state tax regulation known as the 80-20 rule
36In Rembrandt's The Night Watch, in the second plane of the
37U.S. officials said they are convinced that by public demons
38One question a day Q#9 SC 06032014
39Verbal Diagnostic Test No : 7 – SC Q No:14
40Hurricane resistant classification is given by the
41Contemporary accounts of the life of Charlemagne, crowned
42Americans give pride of place to the value of individual
43Because the population is denser there and the automobile is
44The development of a new type of manufacturing called 3-D
45The recent spate of traffic jams on Beijing-Tibet highway
46The Sri-NuanSri-Nuan dance and Teut-Teung dance are an
47Any medical test will sometimes fail to detect a condition
48Medieval monks, through their manuscript illuminations,
49A 2009 study from the California State Housing Authority
50Originally a trading port, Hong-Kong, currently estimated to
51The Federal Reserve announcement said
52An international convention regulating trade in endangered
53The recent discovery of a red oak tree sap that is
54There is generally agreement that feral swine are unwelcome
55Q. Because the Supreme Court has ruled that the prosecution
56One question a day project SC question No 1 24022014
57Meaning Based 2: MRS MERCKEL
58To many critics, it seems strange for Ms. Tramonivic,
59There is substantial evidence that certain forms of solar
60Verbal Diagnostic Test No : 7 – SC Q No:6
61The value of the farming equipment manufacturer’s shares
62Molly Ireland argues that though we are seldom aware of
63The selection of figures on the Frieze of Parnassus reflects
64The SC problem below is a tough modifier problem. I was
65Rumored, and believed by most, to have committed suicide on
66Regarded by opponents as ineffective and meddlesome and by
67Corporate finance committees do not plan the detailed
68Early 16th Century moralist philosophers, particularly in
69The anthology Georgian Poetry was named to give the
70One question a day Q#16 SC 17032014
71The owners of a fast growing tech start-up in Newport Beach
72Since 1966, roughly 21 percent of those enlisted in the USMC
73Heightened land erosion, caused by human activity, has many
74Not many of us realize that the chance of mishaps may be as
75The Ode on Indolence is an early and strikingly ...
76The CEO of Laminar Flow gave his R & D team a new $300 milli
77Constructive dialogue is one of the fundamentals
78As many an aspiring writer will agree
79Bipedal dinosaurs' standing posture differs ...
80In surprising medical news, scientists investigating
81The development of the new choreography methodology that is
82Salmon oil is one of the best Omega-3 sources
83Like a protein rich diet that the healthy genes need to prod
84A successful ascent of Mt. Everest is rendered tremendously
85San Franciscans of the 1890s mocked the claim that declared
86In nests across North America, the host mother tries to iden
87Recent indications of weakness in the economy have lead
88The company said revenue rose 13 percent, or $453 million, c
89One of Ronald Reagan s first acts as President was to
90According to a recent study of home buyers
91THe key discovery in the scientific effort to understand
92Until 2010, a state tax regulation known as the “80-20 rule
93The last pages of the September 1999 publication The Code
94Whereas the use of synthetic fertilizers has greatly
95Because the population is denser there and the auto mobile
96After all the recent political changes, the Syrians are figu
97Used by many natural history museum curators in the
98As U.S. nuclear attack submarines prowl their familiar haunt
99Beginning in 1963 with General Motors and lasting until the
100In contrast to the tense private drama, Act III is brought

Question Type Distribution

Question Type Distribution
Question TypeNumber of Questions
Parallel Structure19
Gramatical Construction14
Verb Tense/Form12
Style and Usage11
Subject Verb Agreement10

A note about difficulty and how we determine the hardest questions - we use the GMAT Club timer and user statistics. We use both % of correct answers as well as the average time used. Though this list is very accurate, please keep in mind that minor shifts are expected over time.

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Re: 100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0 [#permalink]

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New post 28 Oct 2014, 07:31
Wow, I can't believe my eyes that I've really found it. Thank you very much indeed for this goldmine. The collection is precious)))))
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Re: 100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0 [#permalink]

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New post 08 Dec 2014, 02:18
wow, 100 hardest, you're strong.
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Verbal Forum Moderator
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Re: 100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0 [#permalink]

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New post 01 Jan 2015, 22:12
Souvik, please make one for CR as well



Consider +1 KUDOS if you find this post useful

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GMAT Club Legend
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Re: 100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0 [#permalink]

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New post 03 Jan 2016, 07:08
Hello from the GMAT Club VerbalBot!

Thanks to another GMAT Club member, I have just discovered this valuable topic, yet it had no discussion for over a year. I am now bumping it up - doing my job. I think you may find it valuable (esp those replies with Kudos).

Want to see all other topics I dig out? Follow me (click follow button on profile). You will receive a summary of all topics I bump in your profile area as well as via email.
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100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0 [#permalink]

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New post 08 Jan 2016, 05:12
Collection is very good for practicing and learning the various usage of already known concepts. However, some questions are suffering from problem such as typo error while some others are just poorly constructed questions. It means that the questions are not that difficult but rather they are controversial.
Also, what makes these SC questions difficult is not the concept but the picking of a better one out of the final two options, and which are in few cases not provided with a justifiable explanation.

Though I really appreciate the effort of the creator of the collection. Thanks.
100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0   [#permalink] 08 Jan 2016, 05:12
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100 Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Ver 2.0

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