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490 (q35: V: 23)

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Joined: 04 Sep 2005
Posts: 8
490 (q35: V: 23) [#permalink]

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New post 07 Nov 2005, 04:46
Hi Friends,
This is a different post.. Unlike all who post their 700+ scores, I am posting with a low score.

I gave my GMAT on 21st Oct. After the same, I was a bit downed with the low score... Could not think of much... Went for a small vacation, returned back, afresh, ready to attack again. Apologies for posting late.

Firstly, a big thanks to all the inputs from the members. It was quite helpful.

I scored a mere 490 (35th percentile). Reasons for low score... many...
1. Got access to OG, 10th Edition (from Scoretop) few days before the exam. Could not complete and review the same.
2. OG 11th edition was unavailable in India then.
3. Some fear.
4. Nervousness
5. Over-Confidence (Yes, I believe its true...)

I have not fared well in both, Quant and Verbal. My score breakup is
Q: 35/ Percentile: 44
V: 23/ Percentile: 31

I started the Essays well. Not a problem. Easy questions.

Quant Section:
Started off well, getting probability questions from the 3-4 question itself. The level was challenging. But, I think I messed up with the DS part.
Overall, questions for PS were nice.

Verbal Section:
Started with 2 SCs. Then a BF CR. Few SC (Difficult to judge the level of difficulty in SC.) A medium RC of 70 lines or so.
Again CR, SC. Got 4 RCs in total. Last one coming at end... A long one, but had just 3 questions.

Verbal was where I was lagging before hand. So, it was expected.

However, past is gone... I plan to retake the GMAT in December this year, so that I do not miss the deadlines. Also, I need to ensure that I touch atleast 650+, so that I get to apply in some decent schools

Finally after a long wait, the OG, 11th edition is available. I have bought the same. I already have Princeton Reviews' Cracking the GMAT. Any other book is recommended?

Now, with just 30 days before my next GMAT attempt, I want to a good action plan. How should I make the best of the time i have? What is the best way to attack the OG? What strategy should i use?

I have already taken a break from my job so that I can devote most of the time towards my GMAT preparation.

Some insights would be helpful...

Thank you.
Joined: 21 Aug 2005
Posts: 775

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New post 07 Nov 2005, 17:53
Hey plumberg! Cheer up! You have plenty of time for the next test and you can more than make up this time. Not everyone posts one's experiences with scores less than 700+ (including me, i didn't post until i got 700+). But, that's not enirely a right thing to do. Coming out with this post, you have taken a big step in your path to success. Your post shows that you have well idedntified the weak areas and you are not afraid to face them. That's the way to go.
Read thru this forum and the GMAT forum (including the stickys). You will get loads of information that would definitely help you. Try to participate in the Math and Verbal discussions when you get time. Anything you need anytime, you can always post your question and there are so many wise ppl around here who can help you out!

Good Luck!
Joined: 05 Oct 2005
Posts: 35

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New post 07 Nov 2005, 17:57
Hey plumberg,

I admire your posting your experience. Often times we can learn more from hardships than successes. If you can turn this around and get a good score later.. it would make one hell of an impression with the admission committee's.

Good luck mate
  [#permalink] 07 Nov 2005, 17:57
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490 (q35: V: 23)

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