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730 (Q49, V41)

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Joined: 05 Aug 2006
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730 (Q49, V41) [#permalink]

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New post 05 Aug 2006, 09:03
Hi Everybody,

I had been active at ST forums before my GMAT, and also had been glancing at TestMagic a bit. Found GMATClub before my GMAT, but since I couldn't actively spend time at so many forums at once, I decided to be active at ST only. :)

Anyhow, I joined GMATClub forums today, mainly to interact in the MBA Admissions forums.

I had posted the following debrief on the same day after my GMAT (29th July) to other forums I have been participating in (ST, TestMagic, Pagalguy). I am posting it here too; hopefully the post helps someone else in his/her GMAT preparation.

Summary: couple of months of erratic prep schedule. Final score: 730 (Q49, V41)
Update (5th Aug 2006): AWA score: 6.0


Prep Material:
OG 11
Kaplan Prep CD - guide + practice exams
Manhattan Sentence Correction guide + Online questions + Practice Exams
ST + TestMagic Forum discussions
Sample Essays (available on the net)
Reading GMAT experiences on Scoretop, TestMagic, and Pagalguy forums


Started off with OG
- attempted each and every question
- analyzed the incorrect ones
- analyzed the interesting ones (or ones where I thought my method was too lengthy)
- first Practice Test - score 630
- second Practice Test (3 weeks before GMAT) - score 680

Started participating in ST forum discussions
- practiced other questions posted in the forums
- glanced at TestMagic forums from time to time

Picked up Kaplan CD
- went through CD guide and practice questions
- first Practice Test - score 550

Started Reading sample Essays
- Mainly concentrated on 'Analysis of an Argument' essays

Bought Manhattan SC guide
- attempted all OG SC questions once again, categorized by Manhattan chapters
- analyzed the incorrect ones
- attempted Practice questions on Manhattan's site (1 day before GMAT)
- first Practice Test (1 day before GMAT) - score 630

Last 2 days
- went through July JJs once
- went through explanations of questions where my answers didn't match the OA
- revised Manhattan SC guide once again, and attempted online questions + 1 practice test
- went through the list of 'Analysis of an Issue' Essay Topics and tried to imagine what I would write in that essay

Before the exam:

Had planned the following:

If I score less than 700, I'll retake the test after a month.
If between 700-720, I'll consider retaking the test.
If above 720, I'll not retake it.
Anything above 720 would be bonus. :)

  • First was Analysis of an argument. Wrote pretty well (in my opinion). I'd rate my essay a 6.0.
  • Second was Analysis of an Issue. Spent too much trying to figure out examples, etc. I'd rate my essay a 4.0 here.
  • Quantitative: Questions went progressively harder. I think I put in the first incorrect answer for the 7th or 8th question. After that it was a fluctuating difficulty level throughout the quantitiative. Saw 2-3 JJs. Completed with 2-3 minutes to spare.
  • Verbal: Questions went progressively harder again. But I think I entered the first incorrect one too soon - probably for the 4th or 5th question. Completed with 1 minute to spare.

In the middle of the verbal section, I had started hoping for a 700+ score. Didn't know whether it would be 710, 720 or what. Thought about 730 or 740 a couple of times.

Final Score:
Update (5th Aug 2006): AWA score: 6.0

Finer Details:
  • Had not practiced writing a single essay before the GMAT
  • Had not practiced most Quantiative questions on paper. I just did mental calculations for most of them and got the answer.
  • Practice test (Manhattan) on the last day actually helped. It helped me to spot places where I tended to overlook the problem statement.

What I suggest:
  • Start early. The earlier you get a date for your GMAT, the better. I wasn't serious at all until I got the date.
  • Plan a retake if you're not confident enough. I wanted my final GMAT score before September. So I planned on the GMAT date at the end of July. In case I wanted to reakte the test, I would have taken it at the end of August.
  • Practice AWAs. I didn't, but that doesn't mean everybody else shouldn't.
  • Participate in forum discussions wherever you have a constructive input. That will help everybody, including you.
  • Don't hestitate to ask (in the forums) clarifications on questions / answers you don't understand.
  • The earlier you procure your study material, the better. I waited too long to order Manhattan SC Guide directly from Amazon.
  • Practice a few questions everyday in the last 2-3 weeks of your prep. If you're working (I sometimes work late hours in office), do set aside a couple of hours for practice each day - no matter how tired you are.


teh calvin

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Senior Manager
Senior Manager
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Joined: 03 Aug 2006
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Nice summary [#permalink]

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New post 05 Aug 2006, 10:07
I really enjoyed your writing on your GMAT experience.

I have to admit that it was such an encouragement for me.

I am scheduled to take my first GMAT in one week. Since I scored 650 and 680 on the MGMAT exam# 2 and 3 respectively although I have put more than 300 hours for the GMAT, I was feeling somewhat discouraged.

You showed me a hope that I may end up scoring more on GMAT than the scores on the MGMAT.


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Joined: 05 Aug 2006
Posts: 30

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New post 05 Aug 2006, 11:12
Thanks. I also got my AWA score report today (exactly 1 week after GMAT).
Scored 6.0


teh calvin

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Schools: Darden

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New post 05 Aug 2006, 11:17
That's good info. I'm looking for a bit of last minute inspiration, as I go under the knife (so to speak) in 4 days.

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GMAT Club Legend
GMAT Club Legend
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New post 06 Aug 2006, 07:37
Back from vacation, time to hand out the awards...


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  [#permalink] 06 Aug 2006, 07:37
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730 (Q49, V41)

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