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740 (40V, 50Q) 97%ile

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Joined: 03 Sep 2012
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Concentration: Technology, Operations
Schools: Mendoza '15 (I)
GMAT 1: 740 Q50 V40
GPA: 4
WE: Information Technology (Computer Software)
740 (40V, 50Q) 97%ile [#permalink]

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New post 18 Nov 2012, 08:39
This post was
Hello guys,

It is a formality to start of by saying this: Please forgive me if the post is too long, bla, bla bla, bla bla bla. So, I will cut the crap short, you can assume I have said all that.
So, here's my story.

I gave the first GMATprep test before I started preparing for the GMAT, or say, just after I started preparing for the GMAT. I did the verbal section in a hurry (You will hear this often, I am sorry!). So, the quant section was pretty good, and I could not wait to see how much I have scored, hence, the verbal section was done pretty soon! To my surprise, I got a 710. Quant 50, and verbal, some random score, I do not remember.
I knew I was made to take the GMAT. But, did not know how to improve this score. Read the OG, got to know about MGMAT, through forums like gmatclub, so read that, and got to know about some other books, read those. Did not help much, as in, I did not feel these added much value. BUT, they provide you something that is more important, CONFIDENCE. Solving problems in practice is the only way to feel confident.

Bla bla bla.. Took a few more tests, 700 on GMATPREP 2, 680 on MGMAT1, 670 on Kaplan, and similar marks everywhere. One thing did not change. I always rushed through the verbal section because I wanted to know my score! I know I sound like a kid, but that is how it was. Silly.

So, I took up the GMAT one fine day, went in full of confidence, knowing I would get more than a 700 if I did it slowly, and much more if I did the verbal slow! I ended up finishing the quant section with around 30 minutes to spare. And I thought I had done well. Verbal was okay too.
SCORE: 680. (Q:46, V:38)

Now must be a good time to reveal that I am from India, and after reading a lot of posts about how Indians struggle on the verbal section, I thought I would too. But, I got a 38, which is actually not bad! 85%ile is okay. BUT, 46 on quant sucks! I knew what was wrong. I knew GMAT gives you 75 minutes, because you need 75 minutes. And I knew GMAT is not the place where you show off! Hey dude, I finished my exam 30 minutes before the allocated time. Score? :roll:

So, I knew I would take up the exam again, ASAP, because it was not lack of preparation that killed my score. It was me! So, I booked for the next available date (after 30 days). Did not prepare much, I already knew stuff I felt. Saw a few problems though. But, worked on the real problem! That was calming down! Doing it slow! Wrote the same thing everywhere possible! Told it to myself every single moment! DO IT SLOW.

Bla bla, bla bla bla, time flew, and it was already today! The day when I was going to take the GMAT up, again. So, it went like this: Got up, 0 confidence (unlike last time), all superstitions failed me (Unlike last time & yes, I sound stupid, so what! I got a 740. :-D ). but okay, went to the place, started the exam, first 2 sections, nothing special. Quant: I was doing it very very very fast, AGAIN! I had to tell myself, pinch myself, to slow down! I could not. 24 minutes remaining and I was done with 37 questions. Disappointed! Verbal: did okay, pretty much like last time. Not bad overall. And hey dude! I finished the quant section 24 minutes before time. Score? 50. :)

Show score/ cancel score. Choice made! Screen said: I scored a 97%ile. Me: :o :wink:

Alright, so, its not like one of the best stories you will hear, but I am happy!
So, my question now is: I am from India, Male, Engineer. Been working for around 18 months now, with a company that makes the best business software. Excellent UG scores, GMAT score, you know. Work ex, 18 months. What kind of colleges should I apply to? (The answer to this question must be considering 2 options: 1. I apply this year. 2. I apply next year)

Thanks guys! For reading this, and for all the posts. I do not know how many times I have referred the website! Was it worth it? Hell yeah!


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Joined: 21 Sep 2012
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Re: 740 (40V, 50Q) 97%ile [#permalink]

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New post 18 Nov 2012, 22:42
Great Score congrats! you could ask for a free profile evaluation from the various admission consultants.


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Location: United States
GMAT 1: 780 Q51 V46
GMAT 2: 800 Q51 V51
GRE 1: 340 Q170 V170
Re: 740 (40V, 50Q) 97%ile [#permalink]

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New post 19 Nov 2012, 08:01
Congratulations on the spectacular score! I'm floored that you managed to get a 50 on your quant... in 51 minutes. That's absolutely incredible.

Good luck with your applications!

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Re: 740 (40V, 50Q) 97%ile   [#permalink] 19 Nov 2012, 08:01
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740 (40V, 50Q) 97%ile

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