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S P Jain Institute

S P Jain Institute

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Debrief posted on  Sep 09 2019 [#permalink] S P Jain Institute, PGPM 1 Year MBA
On Campus Interviewed on: Sep 03 2019 Final Decision: Admitted

"Hey Guys, As there isn't any detailed interview experience on the thread. Ill be sharing mine Registration: - - As soon as you reach the venue, you will be asked by Adcom to fill in a registration form - The registration form consists of 10th, 12th marks, work exp etc - For each of the line item you need to add a self attested copy - Your name will be called out and you need to visit the adcom who will verify the registration details with the orginal - They will take the self attested copy and keep the same with them Interview: - - You will be grouped into the First specialization you selected into groups of three persons each - There are two interviews of approx 15-20 mins each - Each interview panel has two members First Interview : - - Pitch yourself in 30 seconds? - Some questions based on the "Profile sheet" you filled ? - Others are asked opinion on the answer suggested by the other candidate? - What is the meaning of market share? - What is the market share of the company you are working? - Situation : - Since 2 years, an FMCG company is going in loss and unable to make profit. What could be the possible reasons - Any questions for the Adcom? Second Interview : - - Introduce yourself in 1 minute - Some questions after your introduction - Why MBA? - Situation : - A company is selling a product that is flawed. If you dont sell the product , the company will shut down. Will you sell the product or save the consumers interest? - Some questions in the company you are working and the competition? What is the share price? - Will you be dependent for JOB on SPJIMR? Will you get a job easily? Why? - Any questions for the Adcom? Some important things to remember for the interview: - Do's - - Dress well. Wear formal blazers - Arrive well before the scheduled time - Be prepared to be called for the interview at any time. Although the slots are fixed, interview can be +-30 mins before the slot - Please keep some questions ready for the interviewer - Please be ready with common MBA questions such as Why MBA? Why ? Pitch yourself? Dont's - - Please don't ask the interviewer their names. God knows what are you going to do with that information - Please don't ask questions available on the website to the interviewer. Eg: - Guest lectures, when is the result? Hope the above helps. Let me know if any questions"

pikolo2510 from India GMAT 700;
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