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Off Campus with Adcom Interviewed on: Dec 11 2018 Final Decision: Admitted

"Hello Everyone! I would like to share a bit about my interview with Trinity College, which took place in December 2018. I found in a web site a sample of MBA Interview Questions ( that I took to prepare myself for my interview. The questions from my interview pretty much match with this sample and I would highly recommend, if you are starting from the scratch, that you start your preparation using these sample as a base. > Discuss your career progression. > Give examples of how you have demonstrated leadership inside and outside the work environment. > What do you want to do (in regard to business function, industry, location)? > Why the MBA? Why now? > Describe an ethical dilemma faced at work? > Describe your career aspirations? > What would you do if not accepted? > What are your long- and short-term goals? Why? > Why are you applying to business school? > Why does this school appeal to you? > What is an activity you are involved in? Why is it important to you? > Talk about experiences you have had at work. > Why are you interested in a general MBA program? > Why did you choose your undergraduate major? > Discuss yourself. > What contributions would you make to a group? > Name three words or phrases to describe yourself to others. > What is most frustrating at work? > How would co-workers describe you? > Describe a typical work day. > Have you worked in a team environment? What were your contributions to the effort? > Discuss any experience you have had abroad. > How did you choose your job after college? > What do you do to relieve stress? > It's two years after graduation, what three words would your team members use to describe you? > Describe a situation where you brought an idea forward, and it failed. > How do you define success? > What would you do if a team member wasn't pulling his own weight? > Is there anything you would like to ask me/us? In my preparation, I wrote down in a paper the answers of these questions and I trained passing trough my notes. For the interview, I wrote the main points and separated in groups categories that it would help me to answer similar kind of questions. As I live in Brazil, my interview was made through a phone call to my cell phone with a MBA Associate Director. I asked to change for a Skype call, but I believe this is their standard procedure. The advantage was having my notes in front of me without anyone seeing ;) My phone rang just on the time scheduled. The director introduce herself and asked me if I was available to take the call and then we start. First question: Can you talk about your graduation background and work experience? - I tried to pass trough all my education and career experiences, trying to highlights some accomplishment that it would help to show my qualities and why they should accept me. (The notes really helped me here! because I had everything prepared in a time -line focusing on the most important events and work projects). Second question: Why MBA? Why now? and Why Trinity? - Here I explained my personal and professional reasons for taking a MBA and why now. I introduced also my expectations such as what I want to bring for a businesses merged with the MBA. - I had the advantage that had visit Trinity MBA in June of last year and I could know more about the program and I used this information to justify why Triniy (1st Ranking in Ireland; Reputation; 3 real projects during the MBA; plus 2 yrs work visa from Irish government). Third question (surprising for me): How do you intend to financial your MBA? - This question was my Achilles heel! My GMAT score was 570, so I am not yet eligible for a scholarship and this is a limitation for me. I have savings but I explained I plan to take the GMAT test again in the beginning of 2019 to try the scholarship. Last question: She asked if I would like to know anything from them. - I had some question about the program, specially about the international residence week. The interview was short but, as I was admitted, it was enough for showing why they should accept me. Preparation is important to focus in the answer that it would help them to see why you should be part of Trinity MBA. My saga continues! I still need to score 700 in GMAT to be eligible for a scholarship and join 2019 Trinity MBA class!! I hope this can help the future interviews. Good luck for all! and for me ;)"

VaCeFe from Brazil GMAT 570; WE: 84 months; Other
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