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A day in life of a Wharton MBA Student

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A day in life of a Wharton MBA Student [#permalink]

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New post 06 Jan 2010, 17:01
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Did not see this posted - from a blog of a Wharton Student:

You think you know, but have no idea: A Day in the Life of M. Stephenson
Just thought I'd give you folks a peek into my day . . .

My Schedule

Monday, November 30, 2009


5:00 AM - Wake up, hit the snooze button

5:34 AM - Wake up again, hit the snooze button

6:47 AM - Wake up yet again, curse Antoine Redier (inventor of the alarm clock) and roll out of bed.

6:49 AM - Tour de escalieres (Floors 19-27), push-ups, sit-ups and stretching

7:47 AM - I lament again over getting a membership to UPenn's Pottruck gym which is a good twenty blocks from my apartment.

7:50 AM - Bathroom activities

8:15 AM - Review Competitive Strategy case

8:40 AM - Breakfast?

8:41 AM - No breakfast

8:42 AM - Make a mad dash to catch the SEPTA trolley. (Note: It takes approximately 13 minutes to get from 19th Street Station to 37th Street Station, 4 minutes to run from the station to my classroom door - class starts at 9 AM).

9:02 AM - Arrive to Competitive Strategy class, get dirty look from Professor as he makes a mental note to make me the first to be cold-called today.

9:07 AM - Gladly receive cold-call.

10:20 AM - Leave Competitive Strategy class and head to Ethics class

10:22 AM - Head downstairs to Au Bon Pain (ABP) in the MBA Cafe to grab a coffee before class.

10:25 AM - The line is ridiculous. Run back up to class.

10:29 AM - I make it to Ethics class on time. Success!

10:29 AM (10:31 AM) - Class started already, and my watch is slow. Dag to the Nab it.

10:45 AM - I go ethical all over everybody.

10:47 AM - A hush falls over the class momentarily, and decorum is restored.

11:57 AM - Class is done and it's time for lunch.


12:00 PM - Hmmm, head to a food truck or ABP?

12:02 PM - (at ABP) I'll have the usual. Turkey Club, Cape Cod chips and a Poland Spring, please.

12:02 PM - (@ ABP) I hate you.

12:05 PM - I sit down to eat lunch and prep for tonight's EIS.

12:27 PM - Friends come over and we discuss our respective Thanksgiving activities.

1:25 PM - Wow, that was a productive 22 mins. Time for accounting class.

1:30 / 2:50 PM - Accounting Class

2:52 PM - Read ManPAW (that's Managing People At Work, for you prospectives) cases

4:15 PM - Review some more for tonight's EIS

5:00 PM - I'm starving. Time for food.

5:05 PM - (at ABP) Do we have to go through this again?

5:05 PM - (@ ABP) I am going to enter the Wharton Business Plan Competition. The premise is a business that relocates French-named, tasteless sandwich shops from Huntsman Hall to Paris, France.

5:40 PM - Head back to Center City for tonight's EIS.

5:55 PM - Arrive at Rittenhouse Hotel for the EIS


6 PM - Listen intently to Managing Director's address to the audience

7:30 PM - After 1.5hrs of networking, its time to eat again.

7:45 PM - Back to the apartment to indulge in some Ackee & Saltfish and Rice & Peas (courtesy of Mama) for dinner.

7:55 PM - Microwave the good stuff

8:00 PM - Finish eating. Mom's food is too good to savor.

8:02 PM - Send out Thank You E-mails

8:05 PM - Shower, decompress . . . meditate

8:20 PM - (many woosahs later) Finish review of ManPAW cases and write-up notes

9:00 PM - Start Finance HW

9:30 PM - Complete Finance HW / Start OPIM HW

Late Night

11:00 PM - Take a break / Start planning club (GUIDE, WGA) activities for next semester

12:00 AM - "Wait, OPIM isn't due until Thursday, right? Ok, maybe one more hour."

Wee Hours

3:00 AM (Three hours later) - "Maybe if I use this Nested IF func . . . ZZZZZZ"

4:00 AM (While deep in R.E.M. sleep) - "We represent the A-B-P guild. The A-B-P guild . . . ." Noooooo!!! ... enson.aspx

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Kudos [?]: 29377 [1], given: 5310

A day in life of a Wharton MBA Student   [#permalink] 06 Jan 2010, 17:01
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A day in life of a Wharton MBA Student

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