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Advice for someone studying for Quant from scratch!

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Advice for someone studying for Quant from scratch! [#permalink]

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New post 28 Jul 2013, 03:32
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I might be applying to Grad School in the Winter of 2014, possibly later. I have low math skills so I do plan on starting my studying soon. I plan on being able to study for 6mo to year. I do work a lot and have a big course load so this on top of my weakness in Math it would just make me feel comfortable to pace things and have a lot of time to study hard and retake the GMAT as many times as needed.

I know a lot of people on here say their math is really bad but just to let you know how bad mine is: I barely got out of Middle School Pre-Algebra alive, and in HS I flunked out of basic Algebra COMPLETELY. I ended up taking a really low level Math class that was not Algebra just to graduate. I took Geometry and did just enough to pass. As you can see, no real Math skills aside from the basics were ever really developed. I did not have a lot of guidance in school so when I first started having these issues they were swept under the rug and no extra attention was given. I was only able to advance every year in Math because I did enough to skate by and fulfill minimum graduation reqs. As I said, I did not even pass Algebra. I also have not taken any Math in over 4 years.

Most people my age have already taken Calc and Physics. I have heard here on GMAT Club that the GMAT is on HS Math and you wont see any Calc but I do feel having taken these classes and having the average Math Foundation that most students have at this age does help with problem solving and critical thinking skills.

I am sensing from browsing various forums and discussions here, the consensus that Manhattan GMAT is the gold standard. I'm pretty set on buying their "Quantitative prep set". I've also heard of a few experiences with other sources such as Kaplan and things like GMAT Pill. I have not looked too extensively into this because Manhattan GMAT has hands down gotten the favorable vote around here. However, having no experiences with any of these sources at all and having never even opened a GMAT prep book EVER I of course do not know for myself which is best and encourage suggestions or comparisons regarding these companies and prep tools!

I guess the main goal of this post is that I plan on buying Manhattan's Quantitative Prep Set and was wondering if you all feel this is enough for someone who is really starting from scratch here, and wants a >700. I have heard many people say all Manhattan's books are all you need! However, I also do not know the various situations and experience levels of those who have stated this. Would you suggest paring this set with something else for Quant? Has anyone used the Prep Set I mentioned?

I am really starting from scratch but an excellent score on the GMAT is very important to me so I will take whatever measures necessary.

Open to all ideas and suggestions!!!!

(I've always been pretty solid in Verbal so I will focus on that after I have my Math down pat).
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Re: Advice for someone studying for Quant from scratch! [#permalink]

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New post 28 Jul 2013, 16:07
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Omg. I feel your pain, I've postponed taking the GMAT for over 4 years because I'm so scared of math. I ALSO HAD TO TAKE A LOW LEVEL MATH CLASS JUST TO GRADUATE FROM HS!! TWINS!!! I didn't touch math in college either.

I had to begin my math education from scratch (several times...) too so what I did was watch the videos and do all the math-related problems on Khan Academy (totally free). Now these are super amazing and you will finally learn what you were never able to learn in high school. You'll have a great math foundation before you start studying GMAT math. Once I finished reviewing (ok that's a lie because I didn't know most of the stuff to begin with...) on Khan Academy, I shelled out $99 for a premium account on Magoosh. I actually have to take the GMAT in exactly a week and after years of denial, I've come to accept the fact that I suck at learning math from books. It didn't work in high school and I should have known it wouldn't work now. Anyway - The math videos on Magoosh are very well done. I bought the MGMAT books years ago and I'm certain their content is awesome but I just can't program my brain to learn from them. I've also downloaded a bunch of question banks from the GMATClub downloads' section for practice but I doubt I'll have the time to go through them.

Start with Khan Academy. It's free and frequented by school-going kids but it's effective, I finally learned what I should have learned when I was in 9th grade, and it offers tons of practice. Practice is super important when it comes to math. I've also taken courses like (paid), Calculus on UCLA Extension (paid), and finance/economics on Coursera (paid for the Verified track) to convince Admissions I know and love math. But that's not GMAT related.

The good news is that math becomes fun once you understand it and I'm glad it no longer makes me lie in the fetal position.

PS: I've been on here for years (...I'm a terrible procrastinator) and I think this is the first time I've come across someone asking for help in math and not verbal. I no longer feel alone. Thanks so much.

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Re: Advice for someone studying for Quant from scratch! [#permalink]

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New post 28 Jul 2013, 18:46
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my friendly dimes....

try to get in touch with IAN STEWART, the most revered quant guru of gmat.......he is active on all the forums and doesnt need any introduction. coaches over skype too and his fees are very nominal.

a humble, modest and one, who likes to see his students sail through.

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Re: Advice for someone studying for Quant from scratch!   [#permalink] 28 Jul 2013, 18:46
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Advice for someone studying for Quant from scratch!

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