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An inside look at SDA: our Club Leaders

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An inside look at SDA: our Club Leaders  [#permalink]

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New post 30 May 2014, 05:34
We all know that Clubs are a vital part of any MBA Community experience: through their activities, the business school manages to educate leaders who make a difference in the world. Clubs usually sponsor a variety of events such as workshops and conferences, and provide distinct opportunities for learning, networking, and socializing outside of the classroom.
For this reason we believe that getting in touch with those clubs' leaders and read about their experience might be a good way to better understand what really means to become an MBA student. In this topic, prospective students, applicants and GMAT takers can have a taste of the colorful, vibrant world of MBA clubs at SDA. Club leaders have been interviewed about their expectations and impressions of their journey toward the MBA; in addition, we asked them what kind of activities their club carries out, plus some other stuff you can find below.

SDA Ski Club - Karianne Kvalheim

Background: I am 31 years old, from Norway. Have a background from marketing mainly within retail. After I took my undergraduate degree within marketing communication I have been working for 6 years in Norway and Denmark. I am very interested in doing any type of sports, and being Norwegian skiing is what I know best so I felt that it was the most natural presidency for me to pursue. I wanted to add value to my MBA experience by doing something extra curricular in order to be both add value to my experience and be able to meet and be visible to the faculty and SDA Bocconi alumni.

What parts of the SDA Bocconi MBA program have you liked the most? The least? Why?: The amount of nationalities and thus internationalisation is what I perceive as very unique for SDA Bocconi. Doing a ‘one-year MBA’ is also both efficient and challenging as well as adding to the community in our classes.
The amount of work one does was probably something I underestimated before I started, but it is a part of the MBA at SDA Bocconi and the experience as a whole.

What has most surprised you during this year?: I think the most surprising part is the amount of work and time one spends at school is surprising, but again- a part of the experience. How fast it is going by also very surprising, and scary, since before we know it we will be back working and scattered around the world again.
It is very interesting and nice to see how the nationalities are working together and use the strengths and to leverage on the diversity.

How would you describe the culture of SDA Bocconi?: The culture is very international, challenging and social. As students from all over the world, most of us moving to Milan to study. It is an active culture, with a lot of the clubs doing activities on a frequent basis.

Do you have any specific advice for those considering application to your school?: I think it is important to show that one is passionate and dedicated to the program, which applies to any MBA application. I think one can also take into consideration that SDA Bocconi is situated in Milan, which is a good advantage as there is always something happening, and the positive influence one gets from the fashion, art and general scene of the Italian culture.

Are there any common characteristics you find amongst your classmates?: Most of us are very motivated and work hard, as well as being motivated and dedicated to doing the group works and extract the value of the MBA.

How many students are in your club? Do recruiters get involved with your club?: We are 11 people in the Ski Club. 1 president, 2 vice presidents and one treasurer at the core and then the others are allocated resources where they want to be or needed in the different events we have had.

Could you tell us some examples of the activities organized by your club?: We have had the Ski Cup where 140 students, alumni and faculty members went to Madonna di Campiglio in March. We also had an aperitivo (after- work drinks) in December to ‘kick off’ the season, and a weekend in Bormio at the end of January for the students in our program.

How much time do your duties as club coordinator require? What is the best advantage of running a club?: In the weeks close before the Ski Cup (the main event) in March we spent maybe two, three hours each a week, before that we spent an hour a week for meetings and for coordinating the hotel, sponsors etc. This is of course an average, as President and VP’s and treasurer spent a bit more time.

In which way does your club plan to make an impact on the career of its members?: It depends on the experience the members had from before, in regards to what they would add of value. For those not used to creating events, the different elements one has to coordinate can be valuable experience, and for us all to know how to use the different qualities and the nationalities work together. In addition it is always a good ‘conversation’ starter to mention the Ski Cup and to be more visible to alumni, students and the faculty.
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An inside look at SDA: our Club Leaders   [#permalink] 30 May 2014, 05:34

An inside look at SDA: our Club Leaders

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